At one point during the offseason, Kevin Durant followed up his trade request from the Brooklyn Nets with a request that the franchise part ways with Steve Nash and Sean Marks.

Nash and Durant appear to be moving on in a positive direction.

"Knowing Kevin as long as I have, it didn't really bother me the way maybe everyone would think," Nash said. "That's a part of being competitors. I wasn't overly surprised and I wasn't even overly concerned. It was something that I thought we would address in time, and we did. And here we are and we're looking forward. It's something else that we can grow from as well."

Nash also didn't take Durant completely at face value.

"I never thought that was 100 percent. It's not black and white like that. There's a lot of factors, a lot of things behind the scenes." He did not specifically dispute any reporting about Durant, but said that "a lot of things that are reported are not 100 percent accurate, so you get fragmented bits of truth, you get things that are flat-out not true."

Nash and Durant previously worked together with the Golden State Warriors.

"Ever since we talked, it's been like nothing's changed," Nash said. "I have a long history with Kevin. Love the guy. Families have issues. We had a moment and it's behind us. That's what happens. It's a common situation in the league."