Damian Lillard left the Portland Trail Blazers loss to the Miami Heat on Wednesday due to a strained right calf. With over five minutes to go, Lillard felt some tightness in his calf after attempting a shot.

But the Blazers star said he's not worried about the injury.

"It wasn't nothing that I was overly concerned with," Lillard said. "I just know that it wouldn't make sense to try and push through it in the fifth game of the season."

Lillard said if this happened during playoff time, he would have played through the strain. Being early in the season, Lillard won't push things and said it's unlikely he'll play in Portland's game on Friday.

"Now I've just got to be smart, and make sure I'm getting a couple of treatment sessions in each day, and just try to stretch it," Lillard said. "So probably not going to be playing that game on Friday. That will give me six days of maybe two sessions some days, three sessions other days, and try to be ready for that one. We'll see."