Bradley Beal revealed his decision to re-sign with the Washington Wizards was at least partially based on the lack of options available to him in free agency.

Beal re-signed with the Wizards on a five-year, $251 million deal with a full no trade clause. The teams with maximum cap space during the 2022 offseason were all rebuilding.

"On the business side of it, there were no teams in the market," said Beal on the Gilbert Arenas podcast. "Just free agency-wise. I'm just being frank. There was nowhere else for me to go. Where I can go win. There were teams that strategically wasn't what I wanted. Realistically, I won't say my hand was forced but this was the best option that was on the table."

Beal theoretically could have worked with the Wizards on a sign-and-trade deal to a contender.