Anthony Davis spoke to reporters on Friday for the first time since suffering a stress injury in his right foot two weeks ago.

"Feeling a lot better, pain has subsided tremendously," Davis said. "I think the next step is [the foot] healing right now. I don't want to use timetables because that's a whole different thing, but it's healing pretty quickly.

"So when we get back to L.A., we'll do another image of the foot, and see how far it's healed."

The injury was identified before it could get worse. "The stress reaction (can lead to) a stress fracture, and that's a whole different ballgame," Davis said.

One option available to Davis would be to undergo a procedure to remove the bone spur. One doctor surmised that the bone spur was present in his foot since his college days at Kentucky more than a decade ago, it just hadn't caused him any problems.

"I don't like surgery," Davis said. "I feel like, if it can be avoided, then let's avoid it."