Bob Myers remains without a contract with the Golden State Warriors beyond the current season and there is an increasing reality that he could leave the franchise.

Sources tell The Athletic that Myers believes he should be among the highest paid front office executives in the NBA, if not the highest. According to sources, Myers ranks outside the top-five in executive salaries. 

Philadelphia’s Daryl Morey, Toronto’s Masai Ujiri, Miami’s Pat Riley, Minnesota’s Tim Connelly, San Antonio’s R.C. Buford and New York’s Leon Rose are considered by industry experts to be among the highest paid, and likely above Myers, when it comes to annual salary. 

Myers has kept all of his past negotiations largely behind the scenes, but his expiring status and perceived obtainability has changed the situation. 

The 76ers tried to recruit Myers away from the Warriors in 2018 after Bryan Colangelo was fired. 

If Myers were to leave the Warriors this year, the Washington Wizards, Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks are franchises worth monitoring as possibilities, sources say. The Los Angeles Clippers could also be a possibility, according to the recent speculation in front office circles. A source with knowledge of the Clippers' plans pushed back on the possibility of Myers. 

While money is a key issue for Myers, it is not the only factor in his calculus.