Referees missed an obvious foul committed by Jayson Tatum on LeBron James at the end of the Los Angeles Lakers' eventual overtime loss at the Boston Celtics this past Saturday.

James was irate on the court and his comments have suggested that the Lakers have been treated unfavorably by referees.

"It's been building," James added of his frustration level following several recent last-second non-whistles. "You guys have seen some of the games we've lost this year with late-game missed calls. We had an opportunity to literally win the game. ... I don't understand what we're doing. I watch basketball every single day. I watch these games every single day, and I don't see it happening to nobody else. It's just weird."

But according to research completed by Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo Sports, the Lakers actually rank second in receiving favorable calls during the last two-minute reports released by the NBA.

The NBA deemed its officials had missed a total of 34 calls or no-calls in those games, and 21 of them (or 61.8%) had favored the Lakers.

The Los Angeles Clippers rank first with 63.2 percent of calls being in their favor, while the Golden State Warriors rank third. The Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings rank last in favorable calls with just 38.1 percent and 36.1 percent respectively.