Chris Paul is under contract with the Phoenix Suns next season with a partial guarantee of $15.8 million and a non-guaranteed deal for 24-25. Paul hasn't played at an All-Star level this season and they have simultaneously been linked to point guards on the marketplace such as Fred VanVleet. Trading Paul would effectively allow the Suns to reset their timeline around Devin Booker if they are not the title contender they were in 2021 and appeared to be before the Western Conference Semifinals in 2022.

The Suns, however, don't appear to be considering a trade of Paul. 

"Let me be clear, I don't think they're trading Chris Paul," said Zach Lowe. "I've heard nothing about trading Chris Paul. In fact, I've heard the opposite."

Paul re-signed with the Suns in 2021 on a four-year, $120 million contract, but only the first two seasons were fully guaranteed.