The Portland Trail Blazers started the season fast, but are currently in the play-in mix. However, the Blazers are continuing to look at add to their roster for this season whether it is a marginal move in their rotation or a bigger one for a difference maker such as OG Anunoby. The Blazers have remained committed to building a contender around Damian Lillard and that position continues to be unwavering. 

"From all the folks I'm talking to in the league, Portland is absolutely in a buying mode," said Brian Windhorst. "They are attempting to add pieces. I've heard them attached to some role playing bench players they're interested in.

"If Anunoby became available, I think they would be very interested. You would probably start an offer there with Shaedon Sharpe, their lottery pick they got out of Kentucky."

Sharpe is considered one of the most promising rookies of the current class and has considerable value around the league.