Acquaintances of Ja Morant reportedly confronted members of the Indiana Pacers' traveling party following their game on January 29, with someone in an SUV in which Morant was riding in training a red laser on the group.

Two members of the Pacers' group, who felt like they were in "grave danger," said they did not see who was shining the laser and believe it was attached a gun.

"That’s 100 percent a gun," said a Pacers security guard at the time.

The Pacers reported the incident to the NBA, with the league probing the matter.

"While we substantiated that a postgame situation arose that was confrontational, based on interviews and other evidence gathered, we could not corroborate that any individual threatened others with a weapon,” said league spokeperson Mike Bass.

The January 29 game featured verbal confrontations between several members of the Pacers and Grizzlies, with a friend of Morant getting escorted off the court after a situation between Morant and Andrew Nembhard.

A spokesperson for the Grizzlies said that the team “complied completely with the league’s investigation and are abiding by its findings.”