The Los Angeles Lakers are exploring the point guard market and have engaged the Minnesota Timberwolves on a deal for D'Angelo Russell, reported Adrian Wojnarowski on NBA Today.

Russell is on an expiring contract and has only had tepid discussions on an extension with the Wolves. The viability of the trade appears to hinge on how Russell's value is viewed by the Wolves, who have discussed trades involving him elsewhere as well.

The Lakers previously pursued a trade for Kyrie Irving and have also been linked with a trade for Mike Conley as they search for a point guard.

Russell was drafted by the Lakers in 2015 and traded to the Brooklyn Nets in 2017.

Shams Charania and Tony Jones of The Athletic report that the Utah Jazz are involved in the talks with the Lakers and Wolves with Conley going to Minnesota. The Jazz would take on Westbrook and receive draft compensation. Utah is widely expected to buyout or waive Westbrook if they acquire him at the deadline. 

Jake Fischer of Yahoo reports that various versions of these discussions have included Malik Beasley and Jarred Vanderbilt also going to the Lakers.