Cam Reddish believes his lack of minutes with the New York Knicks wasn't due to basketball reasons. Reddish has been a consistent part of the Portland Trail Blazers' rotation since he was traded by the Knicks at the deadline.

“It was tough but at the same time, it ain’t even about basketball,” Reddish told the Daily News. “It had nothing to do with basketball. It was all the politics, all the favoritism. S--t like that. That’s why I wasn’t too worried about it.”

“They put a reputation on you [when you get traded twice like Reddish]. What’s wrong? Why is he going from team to team without getting an opportunity?” Damian Lillard said. “You just don’t know what goes on behind closed doors until you become attached to the situation and it’s our job to encourage him, to speak life into him. Things change and you start to see who they really are.”

The Knicks traded a first round pick to acquire Reddish from the Atlanta Hawks. Leon Rose had to attach another first round pick to send him to the Blazers for Josh Hart.