Brandon Miller has emerged with the potential to go No. 2 in the 2023 NBA draft ahead of Scoot Henderson. Miller is a 6'9 multi-dimensional wing while Henderson is a 6'2 super athletic combo guard. 

"NBA teams are telling me he is firmly in the mix at No. 2," said ESPN's Jonathan Givony on NBA Today.

"I talked to a veteran executive just in the last week and he told me he currently has Brandon Miller No. 2 on his board," said Brian Windhorst on his podcast on Wednesday. "So it is a thing."

Sam Veccine of The Athletic shared a similar sentiment this week as well.

"It is not a foregone conclusion that Henderson will be picked at No. 2. I’ve talked with a number of lead front-office executives as well as high-level scouts who either think the margin between Miller and Henderson is razor thin or just have Miller ahead at this point," wrote Veccine.

While the No. 2 pick is a subject of debate, Victor Wembanyama remains the consensus option at No. 1.