Twenty teams received payment from the NBA's revenue sharing plan for the 21-22 season.

The Indiana Pacers received the largest share at $42.2 million, while the Golden State Warriors contributed the most at $45 million.

The ten teams contributing to revenue sharing include the aforementioned Warriors, the Los Angeles Lakers ($42.8 million), New York Knicks ($20.9 million), Boston Celtics ($15.7 million), Chicago Bulls ($10 million), Dallas Mavericks ($8.8 million), Philadelphia 76ers ($6.4 million), Miami Heat ($5 million) and Brooklyn Nets ($3 million).

Other teams receiving payments are the Denver Nuggets ($35.5 million), Portland Trail Blazers ($321 million), Charlotte Hornets ($31.6 million), Sacramento Kings ($29 million), New Orleans Pelicans ($28.9 million), Memphis Grizzlies ($28 million), San Antonio Spurs ($26.3 million), Minnesota Timberwolves ($25.6 million), Orlando Magic ($23.4 million), Detroit Pistons ($21.5 million), Cleveland Cavaliers ($19.9 million), Oklahoma City Thunder ($17.5 million), Utah Jazz ($11.7 million), Atlanta Hawks ($10.8 million), Washington Wizards ($7.2 million), Milwaukee Bucks ($6.7 million), Toronto Raptors ($2.1 million), Phoenix Suns ($1.6 million) and Houston Rockets ($931k).

Those 20 teams are sharing a combined $404.1 million in revenue sharing contributions.