Trae Young responded to a report from The Ringer that indicated the front office of the Atlanta Hawks have the authority to trade anyone on their roster this offseason, even Trae Young. 

Young said nobody within the Hawks has told him he could be traded, but “stuff like that comes out all the time.” 

“It could be false, could be true, you never know,” Young said.

Young was also asked if the Hawks' Play-In games felt bigger as they can determine his fate with the franchise.

“It’s hard – you can’t look at it.

“Especially as the player in the moment, you can’t look at what’s gonna come on next year,” Young said. “After the game, if the game doesn’t go your way tonight, what’s gonna happen? Like, you can’t focus on things like that. That messes up your head and then you’re not ready to play so, me, I’m not worried about that. I’m gonna let my game play. After the season, whatever happens, happens. I mean, I’m focused on the next task at hand. I can’t worry about the outside noise or whatever fake stories come out, or what’s true, whatever.”