The Dallas Mavericks have concerns within their franchise that Luka Doncic could request a trade as early as the 2024 offseason, which would alter the league given his age and status as one of the top-5 players in the NBA.

The Utah Jazz have accumulated a surplus of draft picks over the past year with their trades of Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, which could put them in position to assemble one of the more compelling offers to the Mavericks while also leaving enough of a supporting cast around Doncic to remain competitive. The Jazz could likely outbid almost any team for Doncic.

"With my spies telling me that Utah in particular is keeping a very interested eye on Doncic’s situation, even the Nets’ kitchen-sink offer for Doncic — the four firsts from Phoenix and one from Philly, plus whatever matching salary not named Bridges is needed to make the deal work — likely falls massively short," wrote John Hollinger at The Athletic. 

If Doncic were to seek an exit from the Mavericks, it has yet to be seen which teams he would prefer a trade to.