The Los Angeles Clippers remain interested in trading for James Harden, but are continuing to not bid against themselves given what appears to be a lack of leverage on the part of the Philadelphia 76ers. The sticking point on a trade for Harden appears to be over the inclusion of Terance Mann.

Before the draft, the Clippers had the opportunity to trade for Malcolm Brogdon, but backed out over injury concerns. The Boston Celtics subsequently traded Brogdon to the Portland Trail Blazers and he is presumably available, but the Clippers still prefer a trade for Harden.

"The Clippers want Harden," said Zach Lowe. "It's a real thing. They want Harden. They want him more than they want Malcolm Brogdon. Pretty confident in that. And the fact that they're this interested in Harden, interested enough to throw out an unprotected pick. Or whatever it is. Whatever offer they've thrown out. I think is a vote of slight anxiety at the very least that their team as presently constructed is simply not good enough to win the title. Which is kind of depressing because, in a way, trading everything for Kawhi Leonard and Paul George was supposed to inoculate you from having to trade almost everything again for another player while Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were still on your team. Not a minor trade. That was in play. Not a small upgrade here or there. But here's everything we have left, go get us something else. I think they hoped that this was the team. This was the team that would get over the hump."