Almost a year ago, it was reported that James Harden was considering a return to the Houston Rockets in 2023 free agency. At the time, all parties involved denied the reports.

Now, Harden is saying that not only was returning to Houston a consideration, but that there was a meeting with the Rockets. Harden was under contract to the Philadelphia 76ers during this time.

Harden said that his representation met with Rockets coach Ime Udoka. This meeting would have had to have taken place sometime on or after April 25, as that's when Udoka was hired by Houston.

"Representation, (Rockets) head coach (Ime Udoka)," Harden told Sam Amick of The Athletic. "That was it."

Harden picked up his player option to extend his contract with the Sixers on June 29. Harden then requested a trade. He was ultimately dealt to the Los Angeles Clippers on November 1.

It was not clarified when Harden's reps met with Udoka, or if it was with permission from Philadelphia to do so. It was also not clear if Harden was a part of the meeting, or if it was only his representation meeting with Udoka.