Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards was already on his way to stardom. Helping him to get there sooner is learning some tricks of the NBA trade, including foul-drawing.

Edwards is shooting 6.5 free throws per game. That's up from last season's 5.3 free throw attempts a night. Wolves assistant Chris Hines says that's part of what the team has worked on with Edwards. Hines says they want their star "showing his arms" when he drives.

"Now they can see that actual contact on his arms, see the contact on his body and [he understands] that when guys are starting to hit you, it's, 'OK to release now,' " Hines said. "Once guys come into your body, release the pressure instead of keeping going into the pressure."

Minnesota head coach Chris Finch cited Edwards' ability to change pace as a key to his game too.

"Now he's got good patience, changes speeds in the middle of his move, kind of changes directions a little bit more too," Finch said.