The Phoenix Suns have interest in trading for Miles Bridges of the Charlotte Hornets, reports Duane Rankin of the Arizona Republic. Bridges is one of up to 10 players that the Suns have interest in ahead of the February 8 trade deadline.

Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports reports that the Utah Jazz and Detroit Pistons are also interested in trading for Bridges. 

Bridges has a no-trade clause for this season, because he will lose his Bird Rights if he's traded. This is because Bridges is on a one-year deal with Bird Rights following this season. Because he'll be looking for a bigger contract than his Non-Bird Rights would allow for, Bridges would be considered a rest-of-season rental by Phoenix.

The Suns are also aware that Bridges has off-court issues that need to be handled. He has a pending court date for next month for allegedly violating a protection order stemming from the same domestic violence incident in 2022 that saw him receive a 30-game suspension from the NBA.

Another challenge in trading for Bridges is that the Hornets reportedly are looking for draft picks in any deal. Phoenix is limited in what they can trade, due to having traded several picks in deals to acquire Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal in the last year.