Jayson Tatum knows that every player isn't evaluated the same. Tatum also realizes a big part of his evaluation relies on leading the Boston Celtics to a championship.

"I understand that, no matter what I do in the regular season, I’m at that point where people just judge me off whether I can win a championship," Tatum said. "I realize that, and it’s like, all right, I just gotta do it."

The Celtics star said that drive to win a title has changed how he approaches games. Tatum is now willing to let the game come to him now, while his teammates get things going early.

"Earlier, I was playing the game just to play the game instead of just thinking it," Tatum said. "Now, I go out there, and I understand who we’re playing against. I know their scheme, what they’re trying to do, which guys are in or out the lineup.

"Learning from experience, I understand that I’m good enough that I can relax and defer a little bit," he added. "Then, the fourth quarter comes, and I know I can score 20 in the quarter."