Rick Carlisle was upset during the fourth quarter of the Indiana Pacers Game 2 loss at the New York Knicks. So much so, that Carlisle got ejected from the game.

Following the game, Carlisle said small market teams deserve an equal shot in. Beyond those comments, the Pacers are doubling down on their efforts to prove that the officiating favored the Knicks in the first two games of the series.

Indiana has sent the NBA league office tape of 78 plays that they feel were calls or non-calls in favor of New York. The Pacers had considered sending the NBA a tape after Game 1, but chose not to. After Game 2, Carlisle said Indiana reversed that decision. The plays in question include 49 instances from Game 2 and 29 plays from Game 1.

"I can promise you that we're going to submit these tonight," Carlisle said after being ejected in the final minute when he was given two technical fouls. "New York can get ready. They'll see 'em too. I'm always talking to our guys about not making it about the officials, but we deserve a fair shot."