Rio Grande Valley Vipers Depth Charts

2016-2017 Rio Grande Valley Vipers Depth Chart

Starters Darius Morris
20.4p 5.2r 6.6a
Gary Payton II
13.6p 5.8r 5.0a
J.P. Tokoto
13.6p 4.2r 2.4a
Kyle Wiltjer
26.0p 8.0r 1.8a
Chinanu Onuaku
15.0p 10.4r 1.6a
Rotation Isaiah Taylor
19.8p 3.8r 5.0a
Jaron Johnson
6.0p 2.0r 1.0a
  Chris Walker
6.8p 5.0r 0.4a
Joshua Smith
7.5p 2.5r 1.0a
Rotation   Jarvis Threatt
6.5p 2.5r 1.2a
Lim PT   P.J. Hairston
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
  Markus Kennedy
2.0p 2.0r 0.0a
Lim PT   Julien Lewis
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
  Chris Johnson
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2016-2017 Vipers Leaders

MPG J.P. Tokoto 35.2
FG% Joshua Smith .656
3P% Chris Walker .400
FT% Darius Morris .821
ORPG Chinanu Onuaku 3.6
DRPG Chinanu Onuaku 6.8
RPG Chinanu Onuaku 10.4
APG Darius Morris 6.4
BPG Chinanu Onuaku 1.3
SPG J.P. Tokoto 2.5
PPG Darius Morris 20.3

2015-2016 Rio Grande Valley Vipers Depth Chart

Starters Will Cummings
22.0p 4.2r 4.2a
D. Livingston
7.4p 3.0r 1.6a
Jaron Johnson
21.0p 4.8r 2.4a
R. Putney
16.3p 11.7r 3.7a
Joshua Smith
7.2p 5.0r 0.8a
Rotation Jarvis Threatt
21.2p 6.0r 3.6a
Darius Morris
13.7p 4.3r 4.3a
  M. Harrell
25.5p 12.5r 4.0a
Amir Williams
6.0p 4.7r 0.3a
Rotation   Matt Carlino
8.5p 1.0r 0.5a
  Chris Walker
5.8p 6.0r 0.6a
Lim PT Karl Cochran
6.0p 0.8r 1.0a
Lim PT Ty Johnson
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2015-2016 Vipers Leaders

MPG Jaron Johnson 36.4
FG% Amir Williams .611
3P% Will Cummings .384
FT% Denzel Livingston .814
ORPG Chris Walker 2.9
DRPG Raphiael Putney 6.5
RPG Raphiael Putney 8.1
APG Will Cummings 4.8
BPG Raphiael Putney 2.3
SPG Will Cummings 1.9
PPG Will Cummings 20.5

2014-2015 Rio Grande Valley Vipers Depth Chart

Starters Jarvis Threatt
20.6p 6.8r 9.8a
Jaron Johnson
16.0p 3.6r 2.0a
Glen Rice
24.8p 6.8r 6.4a
Tony Bishop
23.6p 12.4r 2.8a
Akil Mitchell
7.0p 12.6r 1.8a
Rotation Tyrone White
4.0p 2.0r 2.4a
Travis Bader
16.6p 1.0r 0.4a
Lim PT Akeem Richmond
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Geron Johnson
1.5p 1.0r 0.2a
  R. Putney
4.0p 2.5r 0.0a
Lim PT Toure' Murry
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2014-2015 Vipers Leaders

MPG Gary Talton 37.6
FG% Clint Capela .600
3P% Gary Talton .373
FT% Tony Bishop .781
ORPG Clint Capela 4.0
DRPG Akil Mitchell 6.3
RPG Clint Capela 9.7
APG Gary Talton 13.5
BPG Clint Capela 3.0
SPG Glen Rice 1.8
PPG Glen Rice 20.5

2013-2014 Rio Grande Valley Vipers Depth Chart

Starters Darius Morris
14.6p 3.2r 7.4a
Troy Daniels
17.4p 4.6r 0.6a
Tony Bishop
13.4p 6.6r 1.8a
R. Covington
23.2p 8.8r 1.4a
Jamelle Hagins
6.0p 4.6r 0.2a
Rotation Bo Spencer
12.8p 2.6r 2.4a
  Kevin Parrom
11.6p 4.4r 3.4a
Akeem Ellis
10.7p 2.7r 0.7a
Dario Hunt
8.0p 10.5r 1.5a
Rotation Gary Talton
6.2p 2.6r 4.4a
      Kenny Kadji
9.0p 4.5r 0.0a
Lim PT         J. Henriquez
2.0p 2.5r 0.0a

2013-2014 Vipers Leaders

MPG Troy Daniels 35.4
FG% Tim Ohlbrecht .534
3P% Troy Daniels .401
FT% Robert Covington .843
ORPG Dario Hunt 3.3
DRPG Robert Covington 6.4
RPG Robert Covington 9.2
APG Gary Talton 7.1
BPG Robert Covington 1.4
SPG Robert Covington 2.4
PPG Robert Covington 23.2

2012-2013 Rio Grande Valley Vipers Depth Chart

Starters A. Goudelock
21.4p 4.1r 5.8a
Kyle Fogg
6.4p 2.6r 1.6a
Toure' Murry
8.3p 2.5r 2.8a
Chris Johnson
10.6p 4.2r 0.8a
Glen Rice
13.0p 6.2r 1.9a
Rotation   D.J. Kennedy
11.3p 6.1r 4.3a
M. Singletary
10.1p 4.2r 2.0a
T. Honeycutt
10.1p 5.4r 1.5a
Royce White
11.4p 5.7r 3.3a
Rotation         Chris Daniels
10.8p 4.8r 0.8a
Rotation         H. Whiteside
5.7p 4.7r 0.2a

2012-2013 Vipers Leaders

MPG Andrew Goudelock 36.7
FG% Tim Ohlbrecht .605
3P% Mike Singletary .446
FT% Demetri McCamey 1.000
ORPG Tim Ohlbrecht 2.9
DRPG D.J. Kennedy 5.0
RPG Tim Ohlbrecht 7.4
APG Andrew Goudelock 5.8
BPG Hassan Whiteside 2.0
SPG Toure' Murry 1.6
PPG Andrew Goudelock 21.4

2011-2012 Rio Grande Valley Vipers Depth Chart

Starters Lee Humphrey
10.5p 1.8r 1.8a
Kelvin Lewis
12.6p 3.0r 1.6a
Stanley Asumnu
11.0p 4.9r 0.8a
Tyren Johnson
11.7p 5.6r 2.4a
Greg Smith
16.6p 7.8r 1.6a
Rotation C. Fortson
20.0p 7.0r 10.5a
  J. Taylor
14.2p 3.2r 2.0a
S. Braimoh
8.1p 4.1r 0.5a
S. VanderMeer
7.8p 5.1r 0.6a
Rotation Vance Cooksey
9.0p 1.7r 2.2a
  Marshall Brown
10.2p 4.7r 1.2a
  C. Okwandu
2.2p 3.4r 0.4a

2011-2012 Vipers Leaders

MPG Kelvin Lewis 28.2
FG% Stanley Asumnu .565
3P% Lee Humphrey .415
FT% Vance Cooksey .818
ORPG Stanley Asumnu 2.7
DRPG Tyren Johnson 4.0
RPG Tyren Johnson 5.6
APG Tyren Johnson 2.4
BPG Tyren Johnson 0.7
SPG Kelvin Lewis 1.3
PPG Kelvin Lewis 12.6

2010-2011 Rio Grande Valley Vipers Depth Chart

Starters Jerel McNeal
19.4p 3.9r 4.4a
Terrel Harris
10.8p 4.6r 3.0a
Richard Roby
15.5p 4.5r 2.0a
P. Sullivan
9.4p 5.0r 1.1a
Mouhammad Faye
9.9p 5.5r 1.3a
Rotation   Jon Scheyer
13.8p 3.9r 4.1a
    H. Thabeet
10.0p 8.0r 0.7a
Rotation   Matt Janning
10.0p 3.9r 2.8a
    Connor Atchley
7.5p 4.0r 0.7a
Rotation   Kelvin Lewis
4.0p 1.3r 1.3a
Lim PT       Arinze Onuaku
4.6p 3.8r 0.2a

2010-2011 Vipers Leaders

MPG Jerel McNeal 34.4
FG% Stanley Robinson .647
3P% Stanley Robinson 1.000
FT% Matt Janning .893
ORPG Patrick Sullivan 1.9
DRPG Mouhammad Faye 3.9
RPG Mouhammad Faye 5.5
APG Jerel McNeal 4.4
BPG Connor Atchley 1.8
SPG Terrel Harris 1.4
PPG Jerel McNeal 19.4

2009-2010 Rio Grande Valley Vipers Depth Chart

Starters J. Wallace
9.7p 2.1r 3.1a
Will Conroy
16.4p 6.1r 10.0a
A. Anderson
16.2p 4.1r 6.1a
Ernest Scott
9.9p 3.9r 1.3a
Julian Sensley
10.9p 5.3r 2.1a
Rotation   Craig Winder
14.3p 3.6r 2.2a
Stanley Asumnu
7.8p 3.6r 1.0a
Rich Melzer
5.5p 0.5r 0.5a
M. Gladness
4.1p 3.1r 0.2a
Lim PT   Terrel Harris
2.0p 2.0r 0.5a

2009-2010 Vipers Leaders

MPG Antonio Anderson 39.5
FG% Mike Harris .582
3P% Jonathan Wallace .418
FT% Jonathan Wallace .887
ORPG Mike Harris 3.7
DRPG Mike Harris 6.8
RPG Mike Harris 10.5
APG Will Conroy 10.0
BPG Kurt Looby 2.8
SPG Will Conroy 1.4
PPG Mike Harris 27.2

2008-2009 Rio Grande Valley Vipers Depth Chart

Starters Jared Jordan
10.6p 3.7r 8.8a
Craig Winder
8.8p 2.4r 1.8a
T. Strickland
17.4p 6.0r 1.4a
Kurt Looby
6.3p 8.0r 0.3a
Marcus Hubbard
8.8p 4.6r 1.2a
Rotation C. Clinkscales
6.8p 1.8r 5.0a
Thomas Sanders
4.5p 3.5r 0.5a
Ernest Scott
8.8p 2.8r 1.3a
Julian Sensley
11.1p 4.3r 1.1a
Rashid Byrd
2.5p 4.0r 0.0a

2008-2009 Vipers Leaders

MPG Trent Strickland 31.4
FG% Kurt Looby .559
3P% Ernest Scott .394
FT% Alpha Bangura .806
ORPG Kurt Looby 3.1
DRPG Alton Ford 5.4
RPG Kurt Looby 8.0
APG Jared Jordan 8.8
BPG Kurt Looby 2.6
SPG Jared Jordan 2.0
PPG Alpha Bangura 18.9

2007-2008 Rio Grande Valley Vipers Depth Chart

Starters Quannas White
5.0p 2.9r 3.9a
Quin Humphrey
7.6p 4.8r 1.9a
T. Strickland
13.2p 5.8r 0.7a
Desmon Farmer
24.7p 4.1r 4.1a
Jesse Smith
9.1p 7.1r 0.4a
Rotation Kris Collins
14.4p 3.0r 3.6a
Stanley Asumnu
8.5p 4.4r 0.5a
  Ivan Johnson
15.8p 7.0r 1.1a
Rotation Craig Winder
8.2p 2.5r 1.4a
Rotation Sergio Sanchez
3.2p 0.4r 1.1a

2007-2008 Vipers Leaders

MPG Ivan Johnson 30.3
FG% Stanley Asumnu .553
3P% Jesse Smith .500
FT% Quin Humphrey .850
ORPG Jesse Smith 2.5
DRPG Ivan Johnson 5.1
RPG Jesse Smith 7.1
APG Quannas White 3.9
BPG Ivan Johnson 1.5
SPG Ivan Johnson 1.2
PPG Ivan Johnson 15.8