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Steve Wojciechowski Hired By Marquette

Steve Wojciechowski has been on Mike Krzyzewski's coaching staff at Duke since 1999.

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Davante GardnerMarquette14.91
Jamil WilsonMarquette11.72
Todd MayoMarquette11.33
Jake ThomasMarquette7.94
Deonte BurtonMarquette6.94
Jamil WilsonMarquette5.91
Davante GardnerMarquette5.69
Chris OtuleMarquette4.25
Derrick WilsonMarquette3.81
Juan AndersonMarquette3.29
Derrick WilsonMarquette4.22
Jamil WilsonMarquette2.56
Todd MayoMarquette2.03
Davante GardnerMarquette1.34
Jake ThomasMarquette1.34
Chris OtuleMarquette0.97
Jamil WilsonMarquette0.50
Davante GardnerMarquette0.47
Deonte BurtonMarquette0.44
Todd MayoMarquette0.20
Derrick WilsonMarquette1.28
Deonte BurtonMarquette1.09
Juan AndersonMarquette1.00
Todd MayoMarquette0.87
Jamil WilsonMarquette0.59
Player Efficiency Rating
Davante GardnerMarquette24.35
Deonte BurtonMarquette22.15
Todd MayoMarquette17.27
Jamil WilsonMarquette15.66
Chris OtuleMarquette14.73