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Jamal Jones To Sign In D-League After Junior Season At Texas A&M

Jamal Jones will sign in the NBA Development League in hopes of boosting his stock for the 2015 NBA Draft, a source told RealGM.

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Jamal JonesTexas A&M13.35
Kourtney RobersonTexas A&M9.76
Alex CarusoTexas A&M9.00
Davonte FitzgeraldTexas A&M7.25
J-Mychal ReeseTexas A&M7.00
Kourtney RobersonTexas A&M6.76
Antwan SpaceTexas A&M4.68
Jamal JonesTexas A&M4.06
Alex CarusoTexas A&M3.59
Shawn SmithTexas A&M3.19
Alex CarusoTexas A&M5.00
Fabyon HarrisTexas A&M1.70
Jordan GreenTexas A&M1.59
Shawn SmithTexas A&M1.30
Jamal JonesTexas A&M1.26
Alex CarusoTexas A&M0.82
Davonte FitzgeraldTexas A&M0.71
Kourtney RobersonTexas A&M0.68
Antwan SpaceTexas A&M0.50
Dylan JohnsTexas A&M0.42
Alex CarusoTexas A&M2.03
Fabyon HarrisTexas A&M0.77
Jamal JonesTexas A&M0.74
Jordan GreenTexas A&M0.74
Kourtney RobersonTexas A&M0.68
Player Efficiency Rating
Kourtney RobersonTexas A&M19.96
Alex CarusoTexas A&M17.54
Jamal JonesTexas A&M16.02
Davonte FitzgeraldTexas A&M13.60
J-Mychal ReeseTexas A&M12.11