Omaha Depth Charts

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2014-2015 Omaha Mavericks Depth Chart

Starters D. Patterson
13.2p 2.8r 3.6a
C.J. Carter
18.0p 3.0r 2.4a
Tim Smallwood
7.0p 3.2r 0.8a
T. Thurman
11.8p 6.8r 1.6a
M. Rostampour
8.2p 6.8r 0.2a
Rotation Kyler Erickson
6.2p 2.0r 0.8a
  Randy Reed
5.2p 2.0r 0.6a
Jake White
7.8p 5.8r 0.8a
Lim PT Devin Newsome
0.0p 0.6r 0.2a
Marcus Tyus
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Rylan Murry
2.0p 1.3r 0.0a
Daniel Meyer
0.4p 0.4r 0.0a

2014-2015 Omaha Leaders

MPG C.J. Carter 34.3
FG% Marcus Tyus .488
3P% Marcus Tyus .440
FT% Devin Patterson .812
ORPG Mike Rostampour 2.9
DRPG Mike Rostampour 4.7
RPG Mike Rostampour 7.7
APG Devin Patterson 3.9
BPG Tre'Shawn Thurman 1.0
SPG Devin Patterson 2.2
PPG C.J. Carter 16.9

2013-2014 Omaha Mavericks Depth Chart

Starters D. Patterson
10.1p 2.7r 3.3a
C.J. Carter
13.5p 2.6r 3.4a
Justin Simmons
10.2p 2.4r 1.5a
M. Rostampour
9.2p 7.5r 0.4a
John Karhoff
13.2p 4.0r 1.9a
Rotation Marcus Tyus
9.4p 2.1r 1.1a
Alex Phillips
5.1p 2.1r 1.4a
M. Hagerbaumer
3.7p 5.1r 0.5a
Simon Krych
1.8p 1.6r 0.1a
Rotation C. Steffensmeier
3.4p 1.2r 1.6a
Rotation Jalen Bradley
4.8p 0.9r 0.9a

2013-2014 Omaha Leaders

MPG C.J. Carter 30.5
FG% Matt Hagerbaumer .718
3P% Alex Phillips .392
FT% John Karhoff .824
ORPG Mike Rostampour 2.8
DRPG Mike Rostampour 4.6
RPG Mike Rostampour 7.5
APG C.J. Carter 3.4
BPG Matt Hagerbaumer 1.0
SPG Devin Patterson 1.8
PPG C.J. Carter 13.5

2012-2013 Omaha Mavericks Depth Chart

Starters C.J. Carter
9.7p 3.1r 2.8a
Alex Phillips
8.2p 2.5r 1.4a
Justin Simmons
16.7p 4.0r 2.1a
Alex Welhouse
8.3p 4.7r 0.7a
John Karhoff
12.0p 4.1r 2.4a
Rotation C. Steffensmeier
3.5p 1.4r 1.6a
  M. Hagerbaumer
2.7p 3.5r 0.7a
Koang Doluony
2.7p 2.6r 0.4a
Rotation Marcus Tyus
6.0p 2.5r 1.0a
Lim PT J. Coleman
2.3p 0.9r 0.6a
Tyler Egli
1.4p 0.5r 0.2a
  Simon Krych
2.0p 1.0r 0.0a

2012-2013 Omaha Leaders

MPG C.J. Carter 29.2
FG% John Karhoff .492
3P% Alex Welhouse .422
FT% Justin Simmons .781
ORPG John Karhoff 1.3
DRPG Alex Welhouse 3.6
RPG Alex Welhouse 4.7
APG C.J. Carter 2.8
BPG John Karhoff 0.7
SPG Justin Simmons 1.2
PPG Justin Simmons 16.7

2011-2012 Omaha Mavericks Depth Chart

Starters C.J. Carter
10.4p 3.6r 2.6a
C. Steffensmeier
5.3p 2.5r 3.4a
Mitch Albers
18.3p 3.3r 3.1a
Alex Welhouse
10.4p 6.7r 1.3a
John Karhoff
12.9p 4.5r 1.9a
Rotation Isiah Gandy
3.3p 1.3r 0.4a
  M. Hagerbaumer
2.3p 4.7r 0.8a
  John Ring
2.7p 2.2r 0.7a
Rotation J. Coleman
2.8p 1.7r 1.2a
Lim PT Mitchell Farr
3.6p 1.2r 0.6a
Bill Freeman
4.0p 1.7r 1.0a
Lim PT   Tyler Egli
2.9p 0.7r 0.3a

2011-2012 Omaha Leaders

MPG Mitch Albers 30.6
FG% Matt Hagerbaumer .651
3P% Alex Welhouse .391
FT% Caleb Steffensmeier .808
ORPG Alex Welhouse 1.8
DRPG Alex Welhouse 4.9
RPG Alex Welhouse 6.7
APG Caleb Steffensmeier 3.4
BPG Matt Hagerbaumer 0.8
SPG C.J. Carter 1.2
PPG Mitch Albers 18.3