Stockton Kings Depth Charts

* Including all Reno Bighorns information

2019-2020 Stockton Kings Depth Chart

Starters Marcus Graves
11.2p 3.0r 5.6a
Kyle Guy
23.0p 2.0r 1.5a
Cody Demps
12.2p 3.4r 2.6a
Isaiah Pineiro
8.2p 4.2r 1.6a
Eric Mika
19.2p 13.2r 1.5a
Rotation Isaiah Canaan
22.8p 3.6r 3.2a
Randy Onwuasor
9.6p 4.8r 1.6a
  D. Jeffries
15.7p 6.0r 2.3a
Rotation       Kevin Young
7.0p 6.0r 1.4a
Rotation       D. Griffin
7.8p 4.8r 0.0a
Lim PT Tyler Ulis
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
  H. Thompson
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Lim PT     A.J. Davis
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2019-2020 Kings Leaders

MPG Kyle Guy 38.5
FG% Kevin Young .607
3P% Isaiah Wright .500
FT% Gabe Vincent .900
ORPG Kevin Young 2.9
DRPG Cody Demps 4.4
RPG Kevin Young 5.9
APG Kyle Guy 4.3
BPG Kevin Young 0.8
SPG Isaiah Pineiro 1.5
PPG Gabe Vincent 23.6

2018-2019 Stockton Kings Depth Chart

Starters Cody Demps
17.0p 6.4r 7.4a
Matt Jones
18.2p 4.5r 2.2a
Troy Williams
28.5p 4.5r 1.2a
Taren Sullivan
16.8p 7.4r 3.0a
Anthony Walker
7.0p 5.8r 1.2a
Rotation Gabe Vincent
10.0p 2.2r 2.6a
  Reggie Hearn
10.5p 3.0r 0.5a
Caleb Swanigan
20.0p 10.0r 3.0a
Daniel Ochefu
17.7p 10.3r 2.3a
Rotation Tyrell Corbin
7.8p 3.0r 3.0a
  Elijah Stewart
8.3p 3.7r 0.3a
Lim PT M. Williams
2.0p 1.0r 4.0a
    Wenyen Gabriel
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2018-2019 Kings Leaders

MPG Matt Jones 34.4
FG% Anthony Walker .615
3P% Reggie Hearn .404
FT% Adam Woodbury 1.000
ORPG Daniel Ochefu 2.7
DRPG Daniel Ochefu 6.2
RPG Daniel Ochefu 8.9
APG Kalin Lucas 6.6
BPG Anthony Walker 1.3
SPG Troy Williams 1.6
PPG Kalin Lucas 22.0

2017-2018 Reno Bighorns Depth Chart

Starters M. Williams
18.0p 4.0r 9.8a
Cody Demps
4.0p 4.7r 1.3a
Matt Jones
15.8p 4.0r 2.0a
M. Bethea, Jr.
6.8p 4.0r 1.4a
Jack Cooley
18.6p 10.8r 1.6a
Rotation Josh Hagins
13.2p 4.6r 6.4a
  Luis Montero
6.0p 7.0r 2.4a
JaKarr Sampson
24.3p 4.0r 0.7a
Daniel Ochefu
8.3p 7.3r 1.3a
Rotation       Bruno Caboclo
9.5p 5.5r 1.5a
Lim PT Tyree Murray
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Brandon Austin
0.0p 0.0r 3.0a

2017-2018 Bighorns Leaders

MPG Matt Jones 29.6
FG% Will Davis II .566
3P% Bruno Caboclo .500
FT% David Stockton .864
ORPG Jack Cooley 5.0
DRPG JaKarr Sampson 6.0
RPG Jack Cooley 9.7
APG Marcus D. Williams 6.5
BPG JaKarr Sampson 0.9
SPG David Stockton 1.7
PPG Aaron Harrison 18.7

2016-2017 Reno Bighorns Depth Chart

Starters David Stockton
17.4p 6.0r 5.2a
K. Marshall
18.8p 2.2r 10.8a
Isaiah Cousins
23.4p 8.8r 3.6a
Reggie Hearn
15.4p 7.0r 0.6a
Jaleel Cousins
9.4p 3.8r 0.0a
Rotation Pe'Shon Howard
13.2p 2.2r 1.4a
Cam Griffin
3.8p 3.2r 0.0a
Luis Montero
8.8p 7.2r 2.4a
  Will Davis II
17.8p 5.6r 0.0a
Lim PT   Mark Tyndale
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Renaldo Major
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Lim PT   Gary Neal
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2016-2017 Bighorns Leaders

MPG Lamar Patterson 35.7
FG% Will Davis II .612
3P% Malachi Richardson .460
FT% Cameron Ayers 1.000
ORPG Skal Labissiere 2.8
DRPG Luis Montero 6.1
RPG Skal Labissiere 7.6
APG Lamar Patterson 4.5
BPG Skal Labissiere 1.3
SPG Lamar Patterson 2.0
PPG Lamar Patterson 24.0

2015-2016 Reno Bighorns Depth Chart

Starters David Stockton
17.9p 3.1r 7.1a
Erick Green
25.7p 4.4r 4.1a
Reggie Hearn
11.5p 4.3r 1.3a
Mark Tyndale
4.6p 5.9r 3.6a
Ricky Ledo
21.3p 6.1r 2.8a
Rotation Cliff Hammonds
8.3p 4.0r 5.2a
Luke Martinez
6.1p 2.7r 0.8a
D. Polee II
2.1p 0.4r 0.0a
Rotation Akeem Richmond
7.1p 1.2r 0.5a

2015-2016 Bighorns Leaders

MPG Erick Green 37.2
FG% Gani Lawal .632
3P% Erick Green .443
FT% Erick Green .847
ORPG Gani Lawal 2.2
DRPG Ricky Ledo 4.9
RPG Ricky Ledo 6.1
APG David Stockton 7.1
BPG Gani Lawal 0.8
SPG Mark Tyndale 1.5
PPG Erick Green 25.7

2014-2015 Reno Bighorns Depth Chart

Starters David Stockton
20.1p 4.2r 9.3a
Ra'Shad James
20.8p 4.8r 3.4a
Dar Tucker
34.6p 10.1r 1.6a
Cameron Ayers
11.3p 3.1r 1.9a
Coby Karl
16.7p 8.7r 9.0a
Rotation Tajuan Porter
14.5p 2.7r 4.5a
  Austin Witter
3.9p 2.6r 0.7a
Jordan Burris
1.0p 1.7r 0.0a
Ty Walker
2.7p 3.1r 0.5a

2014-2015 Bighorns Leaders

MPG David Stockton 30.5
FG% Sim Bhullar .727
3P% David Stockton .398
FT% Melvin Johnson III 1.000
ORPG Sim Bhullar 2.9
DRPG Sim Bhullar 5.8
RPG Sim Bhullar 8.8
APG David Stockton 9.3
BPG Sim Bhullar 3.9
SPG David Stockton 2.5
PPG Ra'Shad James 20.8

2013-2014 Reno Bighorns Depth Chart

Starters Trent Lockett
11.0p 5.5r 2.0a
K.C. Rivers
15.7p 4.1r 2.2a
DeQuan Jones
13.7p 4.8r 1.7a
Mo Charlo
12.7p 7.8r 2.3a
M. Gladness
8.3p 6.3r 0.6a
Rotation S. Gaines
15.4p 4.9r 5.3a
Ra'Shad James
7.6p 2.3r 1.7a
  Bryan Davis
9.5p 6.1r 1.1a
Rotation Walker Russell
7.5p 1.3r 4.4a
    Kevin Foster
3.0p 2.1r 0.5a

2013-2014 Bighorns Leaders

MPG Mo Charlo 31.9
FG% Willie Reed .649
3P% Trent Lockett .423
FT% Tajuan Porter .897
ORPG Willie Reed 3.2
DRPG Mo Charlo 5.9
RPG Mo Charlo 7.8
APG Tajuan Porter 2.4
BPG Willie Reed 2.4
SPG DeQuan Jones 1.3
PPG K.C. Rivers 15.7

2012-2013 Reno Bighorns Depth Chart

Starters Will Blalock
5.1p 2.7r 3.2a
Desmon Farmer
12.3p 2.5r 2.4a
Dar Tucker
15.2p 5.5r 1.7a
Marcus Landry
16.5p 5.0r 1.0a
D. Jackson
13.8p 6.7r 1.2a
Rotation Tony Wroten
17.0p 2.6r 3.6a
Keyon Dooling
6.0p 0.0r 1.0a
  Mo Charlo
11.8p 7.7r 2.0a
R. Sampson III
2.3p 2.1r 0.2a

2012-2013 Bighorns Leaders

MPG Marcus Landry 36.8
FG% Jerome Jordan .589
3P% Anthony Richardson .429
FT% Tajuan Porter .943
ORPG Jerome Jordan 2.8
DRPG Ronald Dupree 6.6
RPG Ronald Dupree 9.3
APG Tajuan Porter 3.7
BPG Jerome Jordan 2.5
SPG Orien Greene 2.1
PPG Marcus Landry 16.5

2011-2012 Reno Bighorns Depth Chart

Starters Will Blalock
6.7p 3.5r 4.5a
Andre Emmett
23.1p 5.5r 3.1a
Zach Graham
10.9p 3.2r 0.9a
Mo Charlo
10.0p 7.8r 2.9a
Chris Ayer
6.9p 4.0r 0.3a
Rotation   Josh Selby
25.1p 6.3r 4.9a
Antoine Wright
17.7p 5.6r 2.9a
  David Harrison
11.8p 4.9r 0.6a
Rotation   Adrian Oliver
6.6p 2.4r 1.0a

2011-2012 Bighorns Leaders

MPG Blake Ahearn 37.5
FG% Eric Devendorf .556
3P% Eric Devendorf .469
FT% Blake Ahearn .962
ORPG Terrance Thomas 1.6
DRPG Terrance Thomas 6.0
RPG Terrance Thomas 7.7
APG Blake Ahearn 4.9
BPG Chris Ayer 0.8
SPG Andre Emmett 1.6
PPG Blake Ahearn 23.8

2010-2011 Reno Bighorns Depth Chart

Starters Aaron Miles
15.1p 4.1r 8.8a
Donald Sloan
10.7p 3.4r 4.4a
Mo Charlo
8.0p 5.3r 1.7a
Marcus Landry
17.1p 4.4r 2.0a
P. O'Bryant
10.0p 7.3r 1.3a
Rotation Bobby Simmons
15.4p 9.2r 2.2a
Chris Davis
4.0p 2.3r 1.0a
  Doug Thomas
2.6p 3.1r 0.3a
Nick Fazekas
14.6p 7.5r 0.8a
Rotation Andre Emmett
8.8p 4.0r 1.8a
C. Fortson
1.8p 0.2r 0.6a

2010-2011 Bighorns Leaders

MPG Marcus Landry 35.4
FG% Doug Thomas .600
3P% Marcus Landry .385
FT% Salim Stoudamire .847
ORPG Anthony Richardson 2.7
DRPG Pat Ewing 6.0
RPG Pat Ewing 8.4
APG Donald Sloan 4.4
BPG Patrick O'Bryant 1.8
SPG Pat Ewing 1.7
PPG Marcus Landry 17.1

2009-2010 Reno Bighorns Depth Chart

Starters Majic Dorsey
6.7p 1.4r 2.3a
Desmon Farmer
23.7p 4.0r 4.7a
Mo Charlo
9.7p 5.3r 2.7a
Doug Thomas
9.3p 7.2r 0.9a
Rod Benson
14.1p 9.7r 1.7a
Rotation   Richie Frahm
13.1p 2.6r 2.2a
    C. Trybanski
7.3p 3.9r 0.6a
Rotation   D. Strawberry
13.1p 2.8r 5.6a
Rotation   Chris Davis
3.8p 1.2r 1.1a

2009-2010 Bighorns Leaders

MPG Desmon Farmer 38.1
FG% Cezary Trybanski .661
3P% Desmon Farmer .386
FT% Desmon Farmer .868
ORPG Rod Benson 3.4
DRPG Rod Benson 6.3
RPG Rod Benson 9.7
APG Will Blalock 7.4
BPG Rod Benson 1.9
SPG Russell Robinson 1.9
PPG Desmon Farmer 23.7

2008-2009 Reno Bighorns Depth Chart

Starters R. Robinson
12.3p 2.8r 4.3a
Dave Noel
10.2p 2.8r 2.2a
Richie Frahm
19.0p 4.3r 3.0a
Pat Ewing
16.6p 8.9r 3.2a
C. Trybanski
5.2p 4.3r 0.1a
Rotation   G. Hill-Thomas
6.7p 2.9r 1.4a
  Kyle Davis
3.6p 3.4r 0.6a

2008-2009 Bighorns Leaders

MPG David Noel 42.1
FG% Rod Benson .586
3P% Lamar Butler .532
FT% Andre Patterson .846
ORPG Rod Benson 3.4
DRPG Antonio Meeking 5.4
RPG Rod Benson 8.5
APG David Noel 7.4
BPG Rod Benson 2.6
SPG Russell Robinson 2.1
PPG David Noel 20.7