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Popovich: We'll Never Play Better Than Games 3-5 Of 2014 Finals

On a points per 100 possessions basis, the Spurs scored 131.0 in Game 3, 127.6 in Game 4 and 116.5 in Game 5.

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2013-2014 NBA Playoff Bracket

Opening Round
E1 Indiana Pacers 4
E8 Atlanta Hawks 3
E4 Chicago Bulls 1
E5 Washington Wizards 4
E3 Toronto Raptors 3
E6 Brooklyn Nets 4
E2 Miami Heat 4
E7 Charlotte Hornets 0
W1 San Antonio Spurs 4
W8 Dallas Mavericks 3
W4 Houston Rockets 2
W5 Portland Trail Blazers 4
W3 Los Angeles Clippers 4
W6 Golden State Warriors 3
W2 Oklahoma City Thunder 4
W7 Memphis Grizzlies 3
Conference Semi-Finals
E1 Indiana Pacers 4
E5 Washington Wizards 2
E2 Miami Heat 4
E6 Brooklyn Nets 1
W1 San Antonio Spurs 4
W5 Portland Trail Blazers 1
W2 Oklahoma City Thunder 4
W3 Los Angeles Clippers 2
Conference Finals
E1 Indiana Pacers 2
E2 Miami Heat 4
W1 San Antonio Spurs 4
W2 Oklahoma City Thunder 2
NBA Finals
W1 San Antonio Spurs 4
E2 Miami Heat 1

Kevin DurantThunder29.63
LeBron JamesHeat27.40
James HardenRockets26.83
Russell WestbrookThunder26.68
LaMarcus AldridgeTrail Blazers26.18
Dwight HowardRockets13.67
Joakim NoahBulls12.80
DeAndre JordanClippers12.54
Paul MillsapHawks10.86
LaMarcus AldridgeTrail Blazers10.64
Chris PaulClippers10.38
Stephen CurryWarriors8.43
Russell WestbrookThunder8.05
Mike ConleyGrizzlies7.86
John WallWizards7.09
Dwight HowardRockets2.83
DeAndre JordanClippers2.54
Serge IbakaThunder2.47
Taj GibsonBulls2.40
Paul MillsapHawks1.86
Chris PaulClippers2.85
Russell WestbrookThunder2.16
Paul GeorgePacers2.16
Kemba WalkerHornets2.00
Mike ConleyGrizzlies2.00
Player Efficiency Rating
LeBron JamesHeat32.17
DeJuan BlairMavericks29.15
Dwight HowardRockets28.13
Taj GibsonBulls27.05
Russell WestbrookThunder25.87

NBA Playoffs Schedule

Top Performers for December 21, 2014

NBA Playoffs Standings

DateAway TeamHome Team

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Anthony DavisNew OrleansPoints38
DeMarcus CousinsSacramentoPoints29
Andre DrummondDetroitRebounds20
Nikola VucevicOrlandoRebounds17
Jrue HolidayNew OrleansAssists15
Kyrie IrvingClevelandAssists12
Roy HibbertIndianaBlocks4
Kyle O'QuinnOrlandoBlocks4
Jrue HolidayNew OrleansSteals4
Kyle LowryTorontoSteals3
Anthony DavisNew OrleansFIC30.1
Nikola VucevicOrlandoFIC25.2

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NBA Champion
#1 San Antonio Spurs
NBA Finals
#1 San Antonio 4-1 #2 Miami
Conference Finals
#1 Indiana 2-4 #2 Miami
#1 San Antonio 4-2 #2 Oklahoma City
Conference Semi Finals
#1 Indiana 4-2 #5 Washington
#2 Miami 4-1 #6 Brooklyn
#1 San Antonio 4-1 #5 Portland
#2 Oklahoma City 4-2 #3 L.A. Clippers
Opening Round
#1 Indiana 4-3 #8 Atlanta
#2 Miami 4-0 #7 Charlotte
#3 Toronto 3-4 #6 Brooklyn
#4 Chicago 1-4 #5 Washington
#1 San Antonio 4-3 #8 Dallas
#2 Oklahoma City 4-3 #7 Memphis
#3 L.A. Clippers 4-3 #6 Golden State
#4 Houston 2-4 #5 Portland