NBA Playoffs

March Madness Beat 2016 NBA Playoffs In Ad Revenue By $200M
ESPN and Turner generated $1.031 billion in revenue from the 2016 NBA Playoffs.
NBA Has Never Had Same Two Teams Meet In Three Straight Finals
‎Since the NBA/ABA merger, there have been six previous occasions where two teams had a chance to square off in three straight Finals.
Cavaliers Win 2016 NBA Finals
The Cavaliers won Game 7 by a final of 93-89 with Kyrie Irving hitting a go-ahead three-pointer against Stephen Curry with 0:53 remaining in the game.
Crawford, Callahan, McCutchen Assigned To Work Game 7
Danny Crawford, Mike Callahan and Monty McCutchen are the three referees assigned to work Game 7 of The Finals.
LeBron James Has Highest Finals PER Since Shaq In 2002
Through six games, LeBron James has a PER of 35.1 while averaging 30.2 points, 11.3 rebounds, 8.5 assists, 2.7 steals and 2.2 blocks on better than 51 percent shooting.
Steve Kerr Call 3 Of 6 Curry Fouls 'Absolutely Ridiculous'
Steve Kerr was asked about whether his team lost their composure but he immediately shifted the attention to the refereeing.
Stephen Curry Hits Son Of Cavs' Minority Owner With Mouthpiece
Stephen Curry's mouthpiece hit Andrew Forbes, son of Cavaliers' minority owner Nate Forbes, on the shoulder.
Scott Foster, Ken Mauer, Jason Phillips Assigned To Work Game 6
Ken Mauer is the veteran of the crew with 30 years of experience, while Scott Foster is a 22-year veteran and Jason Phillips is in his 16th season.
Craig Sager To Work Game 6 Of Finals With ESPN
Craig Sager has never worked an NBA Finals broadcast in his career.
Warriors Have 86 Percent Probability Of Winning Finals
The Warriors lost Game 5 but still have an 85 percent chance of winning the 2016 title.

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2016 NBA Playoffs Bracket

Opening Round
E1 Cleveland Cavaliers 4
E8 Detroit Pistons 0
E4 Atlanta Hawks 4
E5 Boston Celtics 2
E3 Miami Heat 4
E6 Charlotte Hornets 3
E2 Toronto Raptors 4
E7 Indiana Pacers 3
W1 Golden State Warriors 4
W8 Houston Rockets 1
W4 Los Angeles Clippers 2
W5 Portland Trail Blazers 4
W3 Oklahoma City Thunder 4
W6 Dallas Mavericks 1
W2 San Antonio Spurs 4
W7 Memphis Grizzlies 0
Conference Semi-Finals
E1 Cleveland Cavaliers 4
E4 Atlanta Hawks 0
E2 Toronto Raptors 4
E3 Miami Heat 3
W1 Golden State Warriors 4
W5 Portland Trail Blazers 1
W2 San Antonio Spurs 2
W3 Oklahoma City Thunder 4
Conference Finals
E1 Cleveland Cavaliers 4
E2 Toronto Raptors 2
W1 Golden State Warriors 4
W3 Oklahoma City Thunder 3
NBA Finals
W1 Golden State Warriors 3
E1 Cleveland Cavaliers 4

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NBA Playoffs Leaders

Kevin Durant 28.39 Points

DeAndre Jordan 16.33 Rebounds

Russell Westbrook 11.00 Assists

Myles Turner 3.29 Blocks

Kawhi Leonard 2.60 Steals

Chris Paul 34.20 PER

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Top Performers for Jun. 19, 2016

NBA Playoffs Standings

Round Robin
#1 Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Finals
#1 Golden State 3-4 #1 Cleveland

Conference Finals
#1 Cleveland 4-2 #2 Toronto
#1 Golden State 4-3 #3 Oklahoma City

Conference Semi Finals
#1 Cleveland 4-0 #4 Atlanta
#2 Toronto 4-3 #3 Miami
#1 Golden State 4-1 #5 Portland
#2 San Antonio 2-4 #3 Oklahoma City

Opening Round
#1 Cleveland 4-0 #8 Detroit
#2 Toronto 4-3 #7 Indiana
#3 Miami 4-3 #6 Charlotte
#4 Atlanta 4-2 #5 Boston
#1 Golden State 4-1 #8 Houston
#2 San Antonio 4-0 #7 Memphis
#3 Oklahoma City 4-1 #6 Dallas
#4 L.A. Clippers 2-4 #5 Portland

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