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Cavs Were On 'Pins And Needles' About Celtics Trading For Either George, Butler
The Cavaliers were monitoring the Boston Celtics efforts to acquire either Paul George or Jimmy Butler at the deadline.
76ers Trying To Trade Andrew Bogut By Deadline
The Celtics and Cavaliers have monitored Andrew Bogut's situation all season.
Celtics Finally Discuss Nets' Pick With Pacers On Paul George
The Celtics are seeking a superstar of Paul George's station.
Celtics Continue To Resist Trading Both Nets' Pick, Multiple Rotation Players For Star
The Celtics would like to upgrade their roster with a true superstar but it's difficult for them to part with not only a high draft pick but also multiple talented players on their roster.
Jae Crowder Believed To Be Sticking Point In Boston's Talks With Bulls For Jimmy Butler
The Celtics and Bulls continue to discuss a Jimmy Butler trade.
Teams Can Now Place Protections On Traded Picks
The Celtics can now place pick protection on the draft picks they're owed from the Nets, which is a new rule for the NBA.
Celtics, Clippers Have 'Intermittently' Held Blake Griffin Talks
The Clippers would seek Jae Crowder, either Avery Bradley or Marcus Smart and multiple picks in exchange for Blake Griffin.
Jimmy Butler Expects To Remain With Bulls Through Deadline
The Bulls and Celtics haven't held substantive talks about Jimmy Butler since June.
Celtics, Bulls Engage In Jimmy Butler Trade Talks
The possibility of the Celtics trading for Jimmy Butler will loom over the trade deadline.
Celtics Reluctant To Compromise Cap Space Unless Dealing For Jimmy Butler, Paul George
To date, there has not been any traction on any deals that would tempt Danny Ainge to trade away any of his top assets

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Celtics Analysis

Eastern Conference Buyers & Sellers At The Trade Deadline

by Keith P Smith

While the Knicks, Bulls, Hawks and Heat could be either buyers or sellers, there are a number of teams in the East that will be aggressive at the deadline.

Should The Celtics Already Be Thinking About Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball?

by Jonny Auping

Breaking up the Celtics' backcourt of Isaiah Thomas or Avery Bradley for Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball would be a one-step-backwards, two-step-forward strategy.

Celtics Remain On Asset Treadmill, Perhaps With More Miles To Log

by Andrew Perna

Every few months, with the cupboard still stocked, we opine whether Danny Ainge should pull the trigger on a deal and move some of the assets that either have or will soon begin depreciating.

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Isaiah Thomas 29.69 Points

Avery Bradley 6.92 Rebounds

Isaiah Thomas 6.28 Assists

Al Horford 1.50 Blocks

Marcus Smart 1.67 Steals

Demetrius Jackson 31.73 PER

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Top Performers for Feb. 24, 2017

Isaiah Thomas 20 Points

Amir Johnson 6 Rebounds

Isaiah Thomas 5 Assists

Amir Johnson 2 Blocks

James Young 2 Steals

Marcus Smart 12.1 Efficiency

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