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Tiago Splitter Plans On Being Ready For Start Of Camp
Tiago Splitter plans on being ready for the start of training camp with the Hawks after undergoing hip surgery.
Hawks Interested In Adding Point Guard, Big To Camp Roster
Bryce Cotton is a point guard that interests Atlanta.
Hawks Sign Matt Costello To Camp Deal
Matt Costello was a member of the Hawks' entry in the 2016 Samsung NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, averaging 5.7 points, 5.0 rebounds and 1.2 assists while playing in all six games.
Isaia Cordinier To Play For Antibes Instead Of Hawks For 16-17
Isaia Cordinier had wanted to come to the NBA immediately but he'll now likely join the Hawks for the 17-18 season.
Kings Claim Lamar Patterson Off Waivers
Lamar Patterson was waived by the Hawks this week to create an available roster spot.
Hawks' Interest Made Dwight Howard Feel 'Really Good About Himself Again'
Dwight Howard is looking forward to his new opportunity with the Hawks.
Hawks Waive Lamar Patterson
There is a good chance that another NBA team claims Lamar Patterson, who had an $874,636 contract for next season.
Al Horford Had No Issue With Dwight Howard, Atlanta's Fans
Al Horford's first option as free agency began was to re-sign with Atlanta.
Kris Humphries, Hawks Agree Upon One-Year, $4M Deal
Kris Humphries had interest on the open market as a stretch power forward.
Jarrett Jack, Hawks Agree To One-Year Deal For Vet's Minimum
After trading away Jeff Teague this offseason, Jarrett Jack gives the Hawks depth at point guard behind Dennis Schroder.

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Hawks Analysis

Grading The Deal: Al Horford Chooses Boston

by Christopher Reina

Al Horford quintessentially demonstrates the sum of being pretty good at everything makes you really good in the aggregate. This is also the type of team the Celtics have been over the past two seasons. By landing an All-Star without losing any assets, they've accomplished the first step in becoming great.

Grading The Deal: Hawks Keep Kent Bazemore On $70M Contract

by Christopher Reina

Kent Bazemore parlayed his increased opportunity with the Hawks over the past two seasons to become one of the NBA's better 3&D wings and is now one of the best paid ones.

Grading The Deal: Dwight Howard Signs With Atlanta On Three-Year Deal

by Christopher Reina

For all of the Hawks' attempts at becoming San Antonio East, it has felt like they're making it up as they go in terms of roster construction. Signing Dwight Howard feels like another such move even if it could work out exceptionally well.

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