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2012 Missouri Valley Power Rankings

Wichita State had a dominant season, losing just twice and have an FIC differential more than twice as great as a strong Creighton team. 

In order to determine our team rankings, we calculate the difference between a team's own FIC per game and their opponents' FIC for the entire conference season.

The FIC is a single statistical measurement that encompasses things such as scoring efficiency, rebounding, blocked shots, etc. Its purpose is to combine the box score into one statistic, both on a team level and for players.

1. Wichita State: 24.42  
2. Creighton: 9.89  
3. Missouri State: 2.15  
4. Evansville: 2.15  
5. Northern Iowa: 1.07  
6. Illinois State: -0.51  
7. Drake: -3.08  
8. Indiana State: -3.76  
9. Southern Illinois: -8.65  
10. Bradley: -23.69


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