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David Lee Agrees To Two-Year Deal With Spurs

Jul 28, 2016 5:54 PM

David Lee has agreed to sign a two-year deal with the San Antonio Spurs.

The second year of the deal is a player option for Lee.

Lee played for the Celtics and Mavericks this past season following his trade from the Warriors.

Lee averaged 8.5 points and 7.0 rebounds in 17.3 minutes per game with the Mavs.

Shams Charania/The Vertical

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Doc Rivers Hopes Blake Griffin Ends Career With Clippers

Jul 28, 2016 11:34 AM

Doc Rivers was asked about trade rumors involving Blake Griffin and his future with the Los Angeles Clippers.

"One, I'm glad you asked the question," said Rivers. "It's funny, you don't want to go out and send out a press release every time there's a rumor about Blake. We're hoping Blake ends his career playing for the Clippers. Period. So when teams call, we say we have no interest.

"First of all, no team is calling right now because teams know we don't have any interest. It just tells you the different times, you know. Things have changed. Everyone believes that they're media now. I feel for guys like you. There's so many good credible guys and there's some of the guys that are bloggers that have nothing to do with the sport. I had my young son trace where this started, the Blake rumor to Boston.

"Danny and I have talked twice this summer. One was about the British Open and one was about another golf tournament. That's about it. But my son traced it to a Boston radio talk show and the guy didn't say that we had been talking, he said Blake was one of the guys that Boston should go after. That started the next step to the next step. That stuff is tough."

Griffin and Chris Paul will be free agents in 2017 and Rivers was asked about his confidence in keeping the Clippers' core together.

"Well, I'm confident, probably the same way they're going to be able to keep their guys," said Rivers. "I do think we have an attractive place. We have a new owner. It would be interesting if Steve Ballmer wasn't the owner, I don't know how confident I would be. With Steve, I'm extremely confident that we can keep both. You know, listen, winning is the key. The better we play on the floor, the better chance we have of not only keeping those guys but actually adding to our basketball team. That's always the key factor in this. Quality of life is important, being comfortable, players getting along with the staff and each other. All that goes into it. But I think we're in a good place there. I know both of them have said they want to play here. They want to play for us forever.

"Your job never stops. You never relax. You never take a player for granted."

Adrian Wojnarowski/The Vertical

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Amar'e Stoudemire Wanted To Finish Career With Suns

Jul 28, 2016 6:47 PM

Amar'e Stoudemire had hoped to return to the Phoenix Suns to finish his career.

Stoudemire retired from the NBA by signing a one-day ceremonial contract with the the New York Knicks. Stoudemire signed with the Knicks in free agency in 2010 and then played for the Mavericks in 2015 and Heat in 15-16 after being bought out.

“The last two years, we made phone calls to Phoenix but I wasn’t getting any positive response,” Stoudemire said on Thursday. “That would’ve been the perfect way to go out. I didn’t want to beg Phoenix. My heart was in two places – Phoenix and New York. I just went where I was wanted.”

The Suns added Dragan Bender and Marquese Chriss at power forward in the draft and then signed Jared Dudley.

“They brought back Jared and Leandro, my boys,” Stoudemire said. “That would’ve been a heck of a way to finish. I wasn’t just going to keep knocking on someone’s door that wasn’t going to answer.

“I love my fans in Phoenix. Most of my high times and highlights were in Phoenix. I put forth the effort to finish my career in Phoenix but it wasn’t well-received.”

Stoudemire hasn't ruled out playing overseas.

Paul Coro/Arizona Republic

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Karl-Anthony Towns Already Calling Minnesota Home

Jul 28, 2016 1:31 PM

Karl-Anthony Towns grew up in New Jersey but he's quickly acclimated to living in Minnesota with the Timberwolves.

“A lot of times, I talk to my friends and family and I’m always trying to rush back to Minnesota,” Towns said Wednesday. “This is where I call home.”

Towns was at a basketball camp at Hopkins High School in Minnesota.

“I have a lot of my blood and sweat and tears here,” Towns said. “I have a certain thing with Minnesota. I always want to come back here.”

Towns tries to get back to Minnesota as often as possible during the summer.

“I love being here,” Towns said. “Hopefully, I can spend the rest of my career here.”

Towns has been talking to his Wolves' teammates regularly.

“We’re concocting a plan to be the best Timberwolves team that’s come around in a long time,” he said. “A lot of people tend to think that we’re the Timberwolves, and we’re at the bottom of the barrel,” he said. “I just want everyone to know that we’re coming. Just remember us, remember who we were for the last 13 years, because things are about to change.”



Jace Frederick/Pioneer Press

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Clippers Were Told They Were In Top-3 On Kevin Durant

Jul 28, 2016 1:25 PM

The Los Angeles Clippers were one of the teams to pursue Kevin Durant despite limited means of signing him.

"We were willing to take the gamble if we felt we were in it. And we were in it. We were in the top-3 at the very end," said Rivers. "But we had to make a couple calls to (Durant's camp). We got two players to delay an hour (before making their decisions). We had two players on our team who could sign for more money but they were going to wait another hour to stay with us.

"The second thing is we had to get this right. If we're going to go after Durant, if we can get him, let's stay in it. It's worth it, even if we don't get him. If we're not going to get him, we have to make that decision. We have to do our job business wise."

Durant was reportedly "blown away" by his meeting with the Clippers.

"We asked a simple question. We sat around trying to figure out what's the right question. And the first question we asked is 'are we in the top-3?' and they said 'yes'," said Rivers. "That made us feel good. We talked about it. My next question is 'are we in the top-2?' We made the decision, if they say 'no' then we go. If they say 'yes' we stay. They said 'no'."

Durant chose the Warriors and his seamless fit with the team and their cap room.

"I thought he liked us a lot," said Rivers. "He told us since and so have his representatives. The presentation I did and Lawrence (Frank) and Steve (Ballmer) is good or maybe the best presentation. But when they kept looking at how we were going to do it. We had to actually ask each guy to take a hit financially. We needed Kevin to take a hit this year to fit and next year we would have needed Blake (Griffin) and Chris (Paul) to take a hit financially. He didn't have to do that if he stayed in Oklahoma. He didn't have to do that if he went to Golden State. Plus they had room to build around that. I think at the end of the day, they looked at is as far as roster wise, well, 'the Clippers look great, we love who they are but financially they are going to be so strapped, it's going to be so hard to work, I think we're going to go the safer place,' and that was Golden State."

Adrian Wojnarowski/The Vertical

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Doc Rivers: It's Been Miraculous How We've Built With Minimum Contract Players

Jul 28, 2016 1:11 PM

The general manager aspect of Doc Rivers' tenure with the Los Angeles Clippers has been uneven as he tries to build a supporting cast around Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

The Clippers have cycled through a number of small forwards in particular.

"We have a good core. The problem team-building with our core is we have three max players," said Rivers. "I don't think people understand that. I think since I've taken the job, even before then, we need a 3, we need a 3, we need a 3. Yeah, we all know that but we also only have the minimum to try to go out and get a 3. I think it's been actually miraculous what we've done with just having minimum contracts. 

"One thing I've learned with teams like ours, if you have a good team, you can convince guys to take the minimum. The problem is you're going to keep losing guys. Every year we do it. Every single season we sign guys to the minimum and then we lose them to higher contracts. Cole Aldrich is the example from this year. But we're an old school version of a team.

"Things have changed. The Big 3 (in Boston), put them together, bam, we won. In Miami, put them together, bam, they win. Golden State is going to try to do it this coming year. There are teams that still poke through. Dallas did it. They kind of had their team, they had the nucleus and finally they poke through. That's what we're going to try to do."

Adrian Wojnarowski/The Vertical

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Egidijus Mockevicius Signs Camp Deal With Nets

Jul 28, 2016 11:22 AM

Egidijus Mockevicius has signed a camp deal with the Brooklyn Nets.

Mockevicius averaged 5.7 points and 3.3 rebounds in 10.7 minutes per game for the Nets in Summer League.

Mockevicius went undrafted in 2016 out of Evansville.

RealGM Staff Report

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ESPN Clarifies Report Of Durant Telling Westbrook He'd Re-Sign With Thunder

Jul 27, 2016 7:44 PM

Royce Young has clarified a remark made in a podcast on Tuesday about what Kevin Durant supposedly said to Russell Westbrook during their dinner before the start of free agency.

"Three weeks ago, Kevin Durant's sitting there at dinner, telling [Westbrook], 'Hey I’m coming back, man. Don't worry about it.' And now Russell Westbrook's kinda been thrown into this in having to decide his future a summer earlier than expected," said Young on Tuesday.

Young writes the impression that Westbrook and Collison had was Durant would re-sign with the Thunder and not leave for the Warriors.

Young also adds that they are not direct quotes meant to be attributed to Durant.

Royce Young/ESPN

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Andrea Bargnani Signs With Saski Baskonia In Spain

Jul 27, 2016 3:04 PM

Andrea Bargnani has signed with Saski Baskonia in Spain.

Bargnani has been an NBA free agent since he was bought out in February by the Brooklyn Nets.

Bargnani spent 10 seasons in the NBA with the Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks and Nets.

In 2006, Bargnani was the first overall pick in the draft.

Mike Mazzeo/ESPN

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RealGM Radio: Royce Young On The Thunder

Jul 27, 2016 4:31 PM

Host Danny Leroux (@DannyLeroux) and Royce Young of ESPN (@royceyoung) discuss the Oklahoma City Thunder’s present, past and future, from Russell Westbrook’s future with the team (1:09), the impact of the Serge Ibaka trade (25:11), the legacy of the Durant/Westbrook era (58:47) and much more.


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Suns Finalize Earl Watson's Coaching Staff Headlined By Jay Triano, Tyrone Corbin
Jay Triano has joined the Suns as associate head coach.

RealGM Staff Report

NBPA To Fund Health Insurance For All Retired Players With 3+ Years Of Service
The program is the first of its kind among North American professional sports.

RealGM Staff Report

Draymond Green Didn't Recruit Kevin Durant During Playoffs
Draymond Green admitted there would have been no chance of Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors had the Thunder won the Western Conference Finals.

Erik Horne/Oklahoman

Clippers Exploring Sites For New Arena In Los Angeles
One area of interest for the Clippers is on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Kevin Arnovitz, Marc Stein/ESPN

Paul Pierce Planning On Playing In 16-17
A second source says Paul Pierce has yet to make a final decision and will wait a few more weeks.

Broderick Turner/Los Angeles Times

Rudy Gay Denies Asking For Trade, Has No Idea On Direction Of Kings' Franchise
Rudy Gay was asked about how he's handling reports the Kings are looking to trade him this offseason.

Blake Ellington/Sactown Royalty

Report: Kevin Durant Told Russell Westbrook He'd Re-Sign With Thunder
Russell Westbrook reportedly feels betrayed by the departure of Kevin Durant.

Royce Young/ESPN

Dunc'd On: Summer League Prospect Review, Part 2
News on CJ McCollum's max extension, Dion Waiters to Miami, and Boston's signings. Then we continue a massive prospect review of Summer League, starting in alphabetical order with Detroit through Washington

RealGM Staff Report

Maurice Harkless Agrees To Four-Year, $40M Deal With Blazers
Maurice Harkless' deal will be fully guaranteed with no options, but it could reach $42 million with incentives.

Shams Charania/The Vertical

Amar'e Stoudemire Announces NBA Retirement
Amar'e Stoudemire has announced his retirement from the NBA.

RealGM Staff Report

Victor Oladipo Looking For Max Extension From Thunder
Victor Oladipo was traded by the Magic to the Thunder this offseason just as he became eligible for an extension from his rookie deal.

Zach Lowe/ESPN

Magic In No Rush To Pursue Trade Of Nikola Vucevic
With Nikola Vucevic, Serge Ibaka and Bismack Biyombo combining for approximately 80 minutes per game, they would have 16 minutes for small ball with Aaron Gordon at power forward.

Zach Lowe/ESPN

Hawks Sign Matt Costello To Camp Deal
Matt Costello was a member of the Hawks' entry in the 2016 Samsung NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, averaging 5.7 points, 5.0 rebounds and 1.2 assists while playing in all six games.

RealGM Staff Reprt

Durant's Agent Focused On Whether Klay Thompson Would Be Willing To Sacrifice Shots
Klay Thompson hadn't seriously considered the possibility of Kevin Durant joining the Warriors until just days before the start of free agency.

Sam Amick/USA Today

Russell Westbrook 'Angry, Hurt' By Kevin Durant's Departure
Russell Westbrook thought Kevin Durant was going to re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder and found out his decision online as did everyone else.

Royce Young/ESPN

Kings To Name Street Leading To New Arena After David Stern
David Stern helped keep the Kings from relocating away from Sacramento.

Ailene Voisin/Sacramento Bee

Tyronn Lue, Cavs Agree Upon Five-Year, $35M Extension
Tyronn Lue helped lead the Cavaliers to the 2016 title just months after being elevated to head coach when the team fired David Blatt.

Adrian Wojnarowski/The Vertical

Kevin Durant Was Looking For New Home In OKC One Week Before Free Agency
Kevin Durant reportedly "assured people he was coming back."

Royce Young/ESPN

Russell Westbrook Not Seeking Trade From Thunder
Russell Westbrook wants to play this coming season with the Thunder but he is unsure about his future beyond that in 2017 when he becomes a free agent.

Royce Young/ESPN

Cameron Payne Undergoes Surgery On Broken Foot
Cameron Payne is expected to be ready for the start of 2016-17 season.

RealGM Staff Report