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Kobe Bryant  SG  24
Current Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Date Of Birth: Aug 23, 1978 (36 years old)
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States)
Nationality: United States
Height: 6-6 (198cm)      Weight: 205 (93kg)   
Current Agent: Rob Pelinka
Current NBA Status: Under Contract (Los Angeles Lakers)
Free Agent: UFA-2016

Draft Entry: 1996 NBA Draft
Early Entry Info: 1996 Early Entrant
Draft Rights Trade: CHA to LAL, Jul 11, 1996
Draft Rights Renounced: N/A
High School: Lower Merion High School [Ardmore, Pennsylvania (United States)]

Kobe Bryant News

Kobe Considers Hometown Discounts As 'Big Coup' For Owners

Kobe Bryant was not interested in taking a below market value with the Lakers.

Kobe Walks Back Negative Things He's Called Dwight

Kobe Bryant called Dwight Howard "soft" repeatedly in their game on opening night this season.

Kobe: You're Crazy If You Think I Want To Shoot This Much At 36

Kobe Bryant scored 44 points on 34 shots from the field in the Lakers' loss on Sunday to the Golden State Warriors.

Kobe 'Extremely Jealous' Of Spurs' Longevity Together

Kobe Bryant would love the opportunity to play another playoff series against the Spurs.

Kobe Bryant Leaving Lakers 'Not Going To Happen'

Kobe Bryant also said he can't envision playing beyond the contract.

Kobe 'Extremely Loyal To Lakers', Not Considering Asking For Trade

Kobe Bryant makes $23.5 million this season and $25 million in the next, which would limit the Lakers' ability to trade him.

Kobe Calls Dwight 'Soft' During Scuffle, 'Teddy Bear' After

A Lakers source said Kobe Bryant repeatedly called Dwight Howard "soft" during their altercation.

Dwight Left Lakers 'For Myself', Not For Fear Of Kobe

Ahead ofthe Rockets' opening night game at the Lakers, Dwight Howard said his free agency decision in 2013 had nothing to do with Kobe Bryant.

Lakers' Annual Income From Local TV Deal Hinges On Ratings

It is believed that the Lakers continue to remain competitive and not rebuild entirely due to their local television deal.

GM: Kobe Bryant Has 'Zero' Value On Trade Market Due To $48.5M Contract

Kobe Bryantís plan is to retire in two years, though he says he reserves the right to change his mind.

Kobe Bryant Hopes Byron Scott Receives Lakers' Head Coaching Job

Kobe Bryant has maintained a close relationship with Byron Scott.

Kobe Bryant Places Health At 100 Percent

Kobe Bryant believes the Lakers are attempting to build a strong team.

Lakers Will Consult With Kobe On Head Coach But He Won't Have Say

The Lakers will have an open line of communication with Kobe Bryant as they go through the process of selecting a new head coach, but he won't have a say in the decision.

Kobe On Considering Clippers In 2004: Was Sterling Willing To Spend?

Kobe Bryant met with Donald Sterling as a free agent in 2004.

Kobe 'Didn't Care About' D'Antoni's Departure, Seeks Active Role In Picking New Coach

Kobe Bryant said he doesn't want the Lakers to play favorites when it comes to picking its coach.

Kobe Bryant Begins Intense Six-Month Training Program

As he returns from a broken bone in his left lateral tibial plateau, Kobe Bryant has been cleared for running and shooting.

LeBron, Durant, Kobe, Rose, Curry Have NBA's Best-Selling Jerseys

LeBron James has finished with the top-selling jersey in six of his 11 seasons in the NBA.

Kobe Bryant To Intensify Workouts Next Week

Kobe Bryant has been cleared to resume running and shooting.

Kobe Envisions 'Great Potential' In Parker, Wiggins; Willing To Mentor Either Player

Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker have been expected to declare for the draft but neither has made a final decision.

Kobe Bryant Ruled Out For Remainder Of Season

Kobe Bryant is still recovering from a fractured lateral tibial plateau of his left knee.

Report: Kobe Bryant Wants Lakers To Replace Mike D'Antoni

Kobe Bryant has "no interest" in playing for Mike D'Antoni next season with the Lakers.

Lakers To Officially Rule Out Kobe Bryant For Remainder Of Season

Kobe Bryant continues to have discomfort in the fractured lateral tibial plateau in his left knee.

Kobe Likes Odds Of Pau Gasol Re-Signing With Lakers

Kobe Bryant believes Pau Gasol remains in the Lakers' plans.

Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash Unlikely To Return This Season

Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash are long shots to return at some point this season.

Kobe Bryant Believes Jason Collins Will Have 'Domino Effect' Beyond Sports

Kobe Bryant believes Jason Collins will teach the youth "it's OK to be yourself."

Kobe's Recovery From Knee Injury Going 'Slowly'

Kobe Bryant did not give a target date for his return when addressing the media before the All-Star Game.

Anthony Davis Replaces Kobe Bryant On Western Conference All-Star Team

Anthony Davis is averaging 20.5 points, 10.5 rebounds and 3.3 blocks per game this season.

Dante Exum To Seek Kobe Bryant's Advice On Jump From High School To NBA

Dante Exum recently hired Rob Pelinka as his agent and plans to use Pelinka's connection to Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant To Be Reexamined In Three Weeks After Continued Pain, Swelling

Kobe Bryant will be examined again in approximately three weeks.

Kobe Bryant Open To Giving Carmelo Anthony Free Agency Advice

Kobe Bryant said he spoke to Carmelo Anthony and congratulated the Knicks' star about his 62-point game on Friday.
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