Houston Rockets Front Office

Dwyane Wade Agrees Upon Buyout With Bulls
Dwyane Wade gave up $8 million of his $23.8 million salary to leave the Bulls.
Carmelo Anthony Expands Trade List To Include Cavaliers, Thunder
Throughout the summer, Carmelo Anthony was zeroed in exclusively on the Rockets.
Rockets Hire Sachin Gupta As Special Advisor
Sachin Gupta spent six seasons with the Rockets before joining Sam Hinkie with the 76ers.
Carmelo Anthony Expected To Remain With Knicks At Start Of Camp
Both the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony remain committed to finding a scenario where he ends up on another team.
Rockets To Sign Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson has played briefly in the NBA with the Grizzlies, 76ers, Jazz and Bucks.
Andre Iguodala Nearly Left Warriors For Rockets
Andre Iguodala intended his final meeting with the Warriors as a chance to say goodbye.
RealGM Radio: Southwest Division With Jonathan Tjarks, Rob Mahoney
Host Danny Leroux, Jonathan Tjarks of The Ringer and Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated go in-depth on the NBA’s Southwest Division.
Chris Paul Told Celtics, Warriors He Wouldn't Re-Sign During 2011 Trade Talks
The Celtics attempted to acquire Chris Paul by trading Rajon Rondo to the Pelicans.
Jabari Parker Was Briefly Discussed In Knicks-Rockets Trade Talks
The Bucks emerged as a potential third team in discussions centered on a trade of Carmelo Anthony from the Knicks to the Rockets.
Rockets Sold To Tilman Fertitta For $2.2 Billion
Les Alexander has agreed to sell the Rockets to Tilman Fertitta.

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Grading The Deal: James Harden, Rockets Commit To $228M Extension

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