NBA Draft

NBA, USA Basketball Blindsided By NCAA's Proposed 'Elite' Prospect Rule
USA Basketball prefers that the NBA make those decisions.
NCAA To Allow 'Elite' Prospects To Hire Agents
The initial proposal indicates USA Basketball would determine the "elite" criteria.
Brian Bowen Becomes First Player Signed To Australia's Next Stars Program
Brian Bowen was the No. 14 ranked recruit in ESPN's Top 100 in 2017.
One-And-Done Rule Elimination Expected To Begin For 2022 NBA Draft
There is a sense that the NBA would prefer to make the terms of the rule change clear before any change actually goes into place.
Cavaliers Rejected Offer From Hawks To Trade Up To No. 3
The Cavaliers could have selected Luka Doncic had they taken on the contract of Kent Bazemore.
NBA Expected To Lower Age Limit In Time For 2021 Draft
Adam Silver revealed he believes the NBA is ready to scrap its one-and-done rule.
Mavericks Had Luka Doncic No. 1 On Draft Board And 'It Wasn't Even Close'
The Mavericks made a bold move on draft night to acquire Luka Doncic.
Hawks, Bulls, Kings Preparing To Use Cap Space For Trades Of Bad Contracts
The Hawks, Bulls and Kings are seeking draft assets in exchange for their cap space.
Lakers Trying To Acquire Future First Round Pick
The Lakers want a future first round pick from another team as a sweetener in another trade.
Proposal To Flip Start Of Free Agency, Draft Gaining Momentum
The NFL conducts their free agency period before the draft.

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NBA Draft Analysis

Prospect Report: Zion Williamson Of Duke

by Rafael Uehara

Zion Williamson is a remarkable athlete who has shown glimpses of a very appealing skill-set as a shot creator from the perimeter. The question now becomes how exactly does he fit in a team that doesn't exist with the sole purpose of giving him the ball.

Prospect Report: Bol Bol Of Oregon

by Rafael Uehara

Bol Bol is one of those prospects who is a lot more interesting in theory than in reality at this point of his development.

Prospect Report: R.J. Barrett Of Duke

by Rafael Uehara

Besides the advanced physical profile and athletic ability for someone R.J. Barrett's age, he has shown enough footwork and court vision to project as a volume shot creator for himself and others, though his shot is still a work in progress.

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