NBA Playoffs

NBA Considering 1-16 Playoff Format
Adam Silver said his concept would keep the best eight teams from each conference in the playoffs with only a change to the seeding.
NBA Considering Balanced Schedule, 1-16 Seeding For Playoffs
With the Western Conference typically having more depth of quality teams, the NBA has long been imbalanced.
NBA Not Prepared To Move Away From Two-Conference Playoff Format
With the Western Conference significantly stronger than the Eastern Conference, many have called for the NBA to seed the playoffs 1-16.
Mavs Wouldn't Rebuild If They Were In Eastern Conference
Mark Cuban is in favor of a change to the playoff format where conferences are eliminated.
Mark Cuban: Eastern Teams Know They Can Get By Doing Less
Robert Sarver and Mark Cuban are both in favor of eliminating conferences.
NBA Finals Parity Through The Decades (Infographic)
With two more Finals remaining in the current decade, there have been five different champions and eight different finalists.
Warriors' 15-17 Playoff Winning Percentage Short Of 90s Bulls, 00s Lakers
The Warriors now have a 47-15 record (.758 winning percentage) in the playoffs over the past three seasons.
Game 5 Draws Highest Rating Since 1998
ABC's coverage of Game 5 drew a 16.0 metered market rating, which is the highest since Game 5 of 1998 and up 13 percent from 2016 and 2015.
LeBron James: Warriors Assembled A Great Team
LeBron James said he will "need to sit down and figure this thing out" against the Warriors.
Warriors Win 2017 NBA Finals With 129-120 Game 5 Victory
Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry continued to lead the Warriors, scoring 39 points and 34 points respectively.

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2017 NBA Playoffs Bracket

Opening Round
E1 Boston Celtics 4
E8 Chicago Bulls 2
E4 Washington Wizards 4
E5 Atlanta Hawks 2
E3 Toronto Raptors 4
E6 Milwaukee Bucks 2
E2 Cleveland Cavaliers 4
E7 Indiana Pacers 0
W1 Golden State Warriors 4
W8 Portland Trail Blazers 0
W4 Los Angeles Clippers 3
W5 Utah Jazz 4
W3 Houston Rockets 4
W6 Oklahoma City Thunder 1
W2 San Antonio Spurs 4
W7 Memphis Grizzlies 2
Conference Semi-Finals
E1 Boston Celtics 4
E4 Washington Wizards 3
E2 Cleveland Cavaliers 4
E3 Toronto Raptors 0
W1 Golden State Warriors 4
W5 Utah Jazz 0
W2 San Antonio Spurs 4
W3 Houston Rockets 2
Conference Finals
E1 Boston Celtics 1
E2 Cleveland Cavaliers 4
W1 Golden State Warriors 4
W2 San Antonio Spurs 0
NBA Finals
W1 Golden State Warriors 4
E2 Cleveland Cavaliers 1

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NBA Playoffs Leaders

Russell Westbrook 37.40 Points

DeAndre Jordan 14.29 Rebounds

Russell Westbrook 10.80 Assists

Andre Roberson 3.40 Blocks

Andre Roberson 2.40 Steals

Kawhi Leonard 33.92 PER

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Top Performers for Jun. 12, 2017

LeBron James 41 Points

LeBron James 13 Rebounds

Stephen Curry 10 Assists

J.R. Smith 2 Blocks

Stephen Curry 3 Steals

LeBron James 33.8 Efficiency

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NBA Playoffs Standings

NBA Champion
#1 Golden State Warriors

NBA Finals
#1 Golden State 4-1 #2 Cleveland

Conference Finals
#1 Boston 1-4 #2 Cleveland
#1 Golden State 4-0 #2 San Antonio

Conference Semi Finals
#1 Boston 4-3 #4 Washington
#2 Cleveland 4-0 #3 Toronto
#1 Golden State 4-0 #5 Utah
#2 San Antonio 4-2 #3 Houston

Opening Round
#1 Boston 4-2 #8 Chicago
#2 Cleveland 4-0 #7 Indiana
#3 Toronto 4-2 #6 Milwaukee
#4 Washington 4-2 #5 Atlanta
#1 Golden State 4-0 #8 Portland
#2 San Antonio 4-2 #7 Memphis
#3 Houston 4-1 #6 Oklahoma City
#4 L.A. Clippers 3-4 #5 Utah

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