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Adam Silver: Increased NBA Parity Is Fantastic, It's Part By Design, Too

Jun 1, 2023 10:00 PM

Adam Silver has been a proponent of increasing the amount of parity in the NBA dating back to when he was deputy commissioner under David Stern.

The NBA's next collective bargaining agreement is expected to further increase parity as it will significantly punish any teams who go well over the luxury tax to the second apron.

"Well, I think there's enormous benefit," said Adam Silver when asked about parity this season. "I get the question asked, too, sort of the converse of that question is are dynasties good for the league. My ultimate view is competition is great for the league, and if as a result dynasties are made, I think that's great, too. So I'm not against seeing repeat championships.

"On the other hand, whoever wins this year it'll be the fifth consecutive year where we have a new team winning a championship.

"When you think about a 30-team league, and it's not just the fans in those markets but fans increasingly all over the world who follow a team in that particular market maybe because they have an affinity for that style of play or a particular player on that team or some created connection to that city, you want a league where everyone feels that if the team that they are rooting for is well-managed and gets a little bit lucky, too, that's necessary, that they can truly compete for championships.

"I think this increased parity we're seeing around the league is fantastic. It's part by design, too. Through successive collective bargaining agreements and the one we just negotiated, there's some new provisions in that one, as well, that we hope will help even the playing field to a certain extent.

"It's important to point out, as well, that we only can make those changes with the partnership and cooperation of the players. We sit down with them. In a way, they're not that different than fans. You have the greatest players in the world coming together on 30 different teams. They want to compete, too. At the end of the day, they want a level playing field.

"They of course also want the opportunity to become free agents and the opportunity to potentially move to a different market depending on the circumstances. But we both have the same interest at the end of the day.

"Just lastly, I think something I pointed out before, it's changes in the CBA, which I think have been effective to a certain degree, but also there's societal changes because of social media and the amount of distribution that in terms of players being able to get the recognition, I think it's less important as it was in the old days to be in particular markets.

"We're seeing that -- Nikola Jokic, clearly a global superstar, two-time MVP playing here in Denver, and because of the success Miami has had, sometimes people think of it, frankly, as a larger market than it actually is.

"I'm pleased with it. I recognize that there's a bit of randomness to it, too, but we're seeing a really, I think, positive trend line in terms of competition."

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Expected Increase In Parity With New CBA Putting Extra Pressure On Head Coach Decisions

May 26, 2023 8:39 PM

There are currently three head coaching vacancies amongst teams that were top-4 seeds in the playoffs in the Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers in what has become an unusual coaching cycle. 

With the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement taking effect with the expectation that roster construction will be more restrictive amongst existing contenders, there will be an even greater competitive advantage for head coaches who are able to get the most of their roster.

"One of the reasons I think teams are making these moves is they're sort of forecasting that with the new rules that are coming into effect, it's going to be harder to assemble huge groups of talent," said Brian Windhorst on his podcast. "There is a feeling in the league there's going to be more parity. Like we saw this year already without the new rules. So if you have parity, coaching takes on an even more important role. So these teams are making moves and trying to jostle position.

"These are really huge, big decisions that are going to affect the next short-term here, especially in Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Phoenix."

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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NBA Projects In-Season Tournament Will Generate Extra $1 Billion In Revenue

May 19, 2023 1:34 PM

The NBA has added an In-Season Tournament to its annual schedule after several years of resistance from certain stakeholders. While it is not yet known how the tournament will be received by players and fans, the NBA is expecting it to have a significant increase on annual revenues. 

"This is a little scoop, apparently Adam Silver said at the GM meeting, which I believe was Tuesday or Wednesday here in Chicago, that the league is projecting the In-Season Tournament will generate an extra $1 billion for the league," said Jake Fischer on the No Cap Room podcast. "One billion dollars. I don't know where that calculation is coming from, but if that's the case, clearly they're excited about it for that reason alone. Obviously there's certainly a goal it will induce some more intrigue in the games before the postseason."

The In-Season Tournament will have a group stage over the first two months of the season before a knockout round with the final four stage played at a neutral location.

Jake Fischer/Yahoo Sports


NBA's Second Apron In New CBA 'Designed To Break Teams Up'

May 5, 2023 12:15 PM

The NBA's new collective bargaining agreement has made maintaining a title contender over an extended period of time a difficult proposition for any franchise, especially mid to small market franchises. The strain could be felt first by the Milwaukee Bucks, who face a critical offseason with the free agencies of Brook Lopez and Khris Middleton.

"I also just want to say with the player movement that happens and the various rules, it is hard to keep a team together for six to 10 years like it was before," said Brian Windhorst on his podcast.

"And now it has become that much harder with these new rules," interjected Tim Bontemps. "These new rules are designed to break teams up. That's what they're designed to do."

"The thing about the new rules, this second apron, which the Bucks are going to be headed for... if you hit the second apron, it buries you. You can't sign anybody. You can't really trade for anybody. Your draft picks are automatically kicked to the back of the first round. It is a target on the Clippers, Lakers and at least the Nets when they started negotiating it, the Nets have since broken down. It is an absolute target to keep these teams from being able to maneuver. That's what the Bucks are potentially facing here. They are facing the fall out of the Warriors winning the title and the Nets and the Clippers paying so much money in luxury tax."

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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