James Harden may already be in violation of his uniform player contract as he has yet to report to training camp with the Houston Rockets as he continues to seek a trade.

The Rockets likely don't want the situation to escalate at this point as it would involve the union.

"I'll tell you this, Mr. MacMahon," said Zach Lowe. "I have already heard from, I don't know, three, four people out of the blue today who don't work for the Rockets but work for the other 29 teams saying 'the league has to step in and do something about this. This is not okay.'

"This is going to become the latest referendum on player empowerment and when does it go too far? I think it's a nuanced and fascinating topic. But it's already spiraling out of control."

The Rockets are also "clinging to the hope" of convincing Harden to remain with the franchise.