Players in the NBA playoffs will split a pool of $33.7 million this season with each team receiving shares based on how far they advance. This pool money represents an increase of 25 percent from last season.

The team payouts will range from $452,708, approximately $30,000 per player based on a 15-player roster, to potentially $12.1 million ($804,000 per player) for the NBA champion.

With the Boston Celtics finishing the regular season with the best record in the NBA, they get a team share of $844,000 at the very start of the playoffs. Each team in the first round receives a team share of $453,000, which increases to $552,000 for the second round and $923,000 for the Conference Finals. The losing team in the Finals will receive $3,692,000, while the winning team in the Finals will receive another $8,549,000