2019-2020 Texas-RGV Vaqueros

2019-2020 Texas-RGV Vaqueros Roster

2019-2020 Texas-RGV Vaqueros Front Office

Staff Member Position Start Season Previous Job
Lew Hill Head Coach 2016-2017 Assistant Coach (Oklahoma, 2011 to 2016)
Jai Steadman Assistant Coach 2014-2015 N/A
Kenya Crandell Assistant Coach 2016-2017 Assistant Coach (Montana State, 2014 to 2016)
Luke Mackay Assistant Coach 2016-2017 N/A
Caleb Villarreal Special Assistant to the Head Coach 2016-2017 Video Coordinator (Southern Mississippi, 2015 to 2016)
Byron Peak Special Assistant to the Head Coach 2018-2019 N/A
Chris King Athletic Director 2009-2010 N/A
Jonah Goldberg Associate Athletic Director of Communications 2012-2013 N/A
Steven Kraus Athletic Trainer 2016-2017 N/A