The Denver Nuggets are averaging 53.9 points per game in the paint, easily first in the NBA.

George Karl outlined his offensive philosophy and why the Nuggets are so successful in getting easy looks.

"We want rim, we want the 3-ball and we want free throws," Karl said. "All the other shots after that are residual of how we play. If a team lets you get to the rim, we're going to get to the rim. If a team takes the rim out, we've got to find the 3-ball.

"I don't think our 3-ball, the shots themselves, have been bad shots. We haven't had that momentum game where we knock everything in and everybody gets into a rhythm. When we make a 3-ball in a quarter, like the Golden State game when we took a 15-point lead, it's important to us. And we haven't found it as consistently as we like, but that doesn't mean it's going to change. We're going to stay with what we got and trust that, over the course of a season, our team will shoot what they normally shoot."