In Jerry Stackhouse's mind, both Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher have to leave their respective positions atop the players union's hierarchy.

"I think we need wholesale changes all the way around," Stackhouse said. "I think everybody's pointing the finger at Billy, and rightfully so. He's made some wrong moves, but at the same time, we've sat and allowed those moves to be made.

"Derek has stepped up and has really tried to grab the reins but I think he has to go too. If you're not aware of everything that's happened on your watch for so long, I think the whole system is flawed."

While Hunter, who's currently placed on indefinite leave, defended himself in an interview with the New York Times, Stackhouse believes that the NBPA's executive director has avoided talking about his down moments.

"He's talked so much about what he's done," Stackhouse said. "We have shorter salaries, a hard cap. Make sure you take credit for that, too."