Royce White is set to report to the Houston Rockets’ D-League affiliate, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, after he passed a physical by the team on Friday.

White met with team physician Dr. Jim Muntz.

"I always like to get in there with Dr. Muntz and get a physical done and just see how I'm doing as far as my heart and things like that," White said. "It takes me back to that reassurance I got after I first started having panic attacks, that I'm healthy and okay.

"They said I'm good. I'm usually one of the healthiest guys every time I go in to get a physical, blood pressure is all good and things like that. So I'm happy with that."

As far as traveling with the Vipers, White said it will be no different than if he was in the NBA.

"Just the same way I would've in the league this year," White said. "Travel by bus when it's possible and when I have to fly, I'll fly. We'll see how it goes."

White looks forward to rejoining the Rockets.

"There's no timeline," White said. "Just from what I hear they've said that they want to make it really short, but who knows. It just depends on how I play I guess and where my conditioning is at. I've been out for two and a half months. It's going to be a process.”