Daryl Morey parted with three frontcourt players, including Patrick Patterson and Marcus Morris, in two separate trades that brought Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia, Tyler Honeycutt and a second-round draft pick to the Houston Rockets.

Morey is comfortable with the move to a smaller lineup.

“It’s sustainable,” he said. “Look across the league. Teams that play small play well. Your offense goes up and your defense goes down, but your offense goes up more than the defense goes down. A lot of teams are playing small. We’ve got the personnel to do it.”

Morey has high hopes for Robinson, who was the fifth overall pick in last June’s draft.

"Thomas is a guy people are going to love," Morey told Howard Chen of CSNHouston. "High energy, runs the floor, led the country in rebounding when he was at Kansas. He's a guy we really think has the potential to be our starting big man.

"When the coaches feel Thomas is ready to unleash him, I feel he's a guy who's really going to screen and roll, finish, very athletic, super high energy, runs the floor. I'm really excited with Thomas."