The Akron Zips have the longest winning streak in college basketball with 18 straight victories.

Keith Dambrot, who coached LeBron James James at St. Vincent-St. Mary, has been at Akron since 2004.

"They're on an unbelievable streak right now," James said. "One thing about coach (Dambrot) is he maximizes talent that he has by putting that belief in guys who may not feel like they can do some of the things they can do. That's always something he did while we were in high school. He's unbelievable with them."

"Listen, our program would not be what it is today if it wasn't for LeBron James," said Dambrot. "When I walk into recruits' homes and they know I coached LeBron, they trust I know what I'm talking about. He plays in the summer at Akron, he was here a ton during the (NBA) lockout. And there's no question LeBron helped me become a better coach. I always held him to the highest standard, and I still do today."