Bryan Colangelo addressed the media on Monday following the fifth consecutive season in which the Toronto Raptors missed the playoffs.

"I believe where we are is a much greater place, a much more developed team much further down the path then a number of people in the media seem to think," said Colangelo. "And that's not to be defensive or take offense to to what's being said, but we are pretty much exactly where I thought we would be with respect to the roster make-up. Maybe not from a wins/loss perspective but when you talk about this process, I believe three years ago year one we won 28 percent of our games. Year two it was 35 percent and this year we won 42 percent. The next step is obviously to get to the point where you exceed 50 percent and guarantee yourself a playoff spot."

Colangelo wants the Raptors to add perimeter shooting and veterans to the roster in the offseason.