Phil Jackson is prepared to listen to a pitch from the Toronto Raptors about taking a lead role in their basketball operations, but a source says that he wants to listen to options from other teams as well.

Jackson would prefer an advisory role similar to Jerry West's current position with the Golden State Warriors rather than a more active role similar to Pat Riley with the Miami Heat.

Multiple sources doubt whether Jackson would be satisfied by a position with the Raptors. A similar position with the Charlotte Bobcats was not initially appealing to Jackson.

Jackson would seek a situation where he can hire a head coach that would implement his vision.

Speculation that Jackson could end up with the Raptors increased with the hiring of Tim Leiweke, former CEO of AEG.

"He's very well-connected in the league and he has to rebuild that franchise," a league source said of Leiweke. "... He's about championships. They didn't just bring him in there to mind the house."

Sources told ESPN that the Raptors perceived the Seattle-based ownership group that has been attempting to purchase the Kings as the Raptors' biggest threat for Jackson.