Andrea Bargnani will compete for Italy in Eurobasket this September in Slovenia.

"I am always happy to play for the Italian National Team," said Bargnani. "Last summer I could not play because of my calf injury. Now, due to my elbow problems I miss playing games but I can't wait to start."

Bargnani was limited to just 35 games last season.

"I got injured for the second consecutive year: last year a calf problem, this season an elbow injury," said Bargnani. "Two probems which forced me to miss a couple of months. I have just started practice again."

The Raptors attempted to trade Bargnani last season, but he remains on the roster and will have a new general manager.

"Today I am a Raptor. Tomorrow we'll see. I am very happy for my years in Toronto. I love the city and in my first three seasons in the NBA we made the postseason. Personally, I think I have always performed well. I don't have any regret."