Chandler Parsons has been recruiting Dwight Howard to sign with the Houston Rockets.

“I talk to Dwight every day,” Parsons said. “I’ve created a relationship with him where I feel like we’re very close. He hits me up about everything. I’ve covered pretty much every question he’s had. I basically tell him ‘We have a chance to be really good without you next year. We’re going to have a good season. Why not come and join us, join our core guys that are for sure be here and make great, make us contend for a championship?’

“That’s the main point I’ve got from talking to him. He wants to win. He wants to win rings. It’s obvious there is no better fit, no better team or opportunity to do that than with us.”

Parsons sent Howard a text after watching the Miami Heat celebrate their NBA championship win over the Spurs.

“After watching that last night,” Parsons said, “I hit him with, ‘Come to Houston. That could be us.’ “