Paul George and the Indiana Pacers have yet to agree to a contract extension and the stakes increased with his comments at the ESPY's that he would have a hard time saying no to Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency.

George became eligible to sign an extension on July 1 and is the only player of the 2010 NBA Draft class with an All-Star appearance.

The following list includes the 15 players who signed rookie extensions that already had an All-Star Game appearance at the time of the agreement along with the date of when a deal was reached.

2009 Class: Blake Griffin (Jul. 10)

2008 Class (following lockout): Derrick Rose (Dec. 20), Russell Westbrook (Jan. 19), Kevin Love (Jan. 25)

2007 Class: Kevin Durant (Jul. 7)

2006 Class: Brandon Roy (Aug. 6)

2005 Class: Deron Williams (Jul. 18), Chris Paul (Jul. 9)

2004 Class: Dwight Howard (Jul. 12)

2003 Class: LeBron James (Jul. 12), Carmelo Anthony (Jul. 12), Chris Bosh (Jul. 14), Dwyane Wade (Jul. 13)

2002 Class: Yao Ming (Sept. 1), Amar'e Stoudemire (Oct. 3)