Bob Myers was a player agent under the NBA's previous collective bargaining agreement and is a general manager with the Golden State Warriors under the new, more restrictive version.

"I think people are being more fiscally responsible and maybe a bit more conservative," said Myers. "Teams were not as aggressive on spending. The top-of-the-line free agents weren’t able to demand high-level compensation, though some of that middle class did get compensated as normal.

"Overall, though, I think a pretty decent portion was paid less than in the past."

The Warriors have never paid the luxury tax, but Myers indicates that their current ownership could pay it in the future.

"Our opinion, and I think most teams recognize there are only so many dollars to spend and the luxury tax is very punitive. Fortunately for me and our front office, we work with an ownership group that is willing to go into the tax if it makes sense competitive-wise.

"But that doesn’t mean you go in just to go in; there has to be a purpose to it."